Mariga Rides On Turbulent Ruto Wave In Kibra..

[I]MacDonald Mariga to the people of Kibra

“Watu wanasema Ruto ni mwizi, SINDIO?”

“Ndio maana tumewaita hapa pamoja, SINDIO?”

“So mambo ya ball na mpira nitasort, SINDIO?”

"Sitaki ofisi. Ofisi yangu ni watu wa Kibra, SINDIO?


Wajir Woman MP Fatuma Gedi has challenged Jubilee’s decision to crown former Harambee Stars player McDonald Mariga as their flag bearer for the Kibra by-election.
Mariga was vetted by National Elections Board at the party’s headquarters on September 2.
"The Jubilee nominations were not democratic at all. We wanted a free and fair process. They should have allowed people to vote. ODM was more democratic,"Gedi said in an interview with JKL on Wednesday night.

Gedi said Mariga had not done any projects in Kibra adding that he earned sh 24 million a month when he was a footballer.
"I was surprised when he was asked what he will do for Kibra residents then he said he wants to give back to the community. He earned sh 6 million per week yet he has no single project in Kibra,"she posed.
She said Mariga cannot be a role model as he is known for betting adding that she cannot support him.
“On Mariga, my conscience cannot allow me to support him. When you put on the TV, all you see is the candidate promoting betting, which is not good for kids,” Gedi said.
Gedi said Kibra parliamentary seat competition is about ODM’S candidate Imran Okoth and Ford Kenya’s candidate Khamisi Butichi.
President Uhuru Kenyatta and Ruto on Wednesday last week assured Mariga of support.
They met the former Harambee Stars player at State House and vowed to fully rally behind him in the race.

This comes a day after Nairobi County Speaker Beatrice Elachi opposed Mariga’s candidature in the November 7 Kibra by-election.
Elachi who is also a member of the ruling party said Mariga cannot fit into the shoes of the late MP Ken Okoth.
Mariga will now face off with other 23 candidates who have been cleared by IEBC.
They include Imran Okoth of ODM, Eliud Owallo of ANC and Khamisi Butichi of Ford Kenya, among others.
The Kibra parliamentary seat fell vacant after former MP Ken Okoth succumbed to cancer.

Yaani bado watu wanapangia pesa personal ya mariga? Who among the candidates has dedicated their own money to the people of kibra. Hata huyo gedi ametoa pesa ngapi yake kupatia watu wa kwake?
Upuss! None will come close to what Okoth did for Kibra, hao wengine are just on the same level. May the best noisemaker win…



Duke of Busia anangoja Mariga ashinde for Luhyas…he quotes “Mariga akishinda wakenya watawatafuta Luhyas” :D:D:D:D

This is a test on how dumb people of Kibra are after having a taste of a good MP.

A huge pile of dung that Duke

Cc @Mrs Shosho :D:D

Deputy President William Ruto on Saturday, September 28, responded to Gender CAS Rachel Shebesh’s scathing attack on Mariga.
Through his Twitter account, the DP urged all Jubilee supporters to ignore calls by those he deemed not fit to speak for the party leadership.


"All Jubilee party supporters should ignore and treat with utter contempt rebels and those rejected by the electorate who now deceptively purport to speak for the party leadership.
“Let’s give Mariga our flag bearer moral, material and prayerful support. Victory is surely beckoning,” he stated.
His remarks came after Shebesh on Friday, September 27, alleged that President Uhuru Kenyatta was coerced to endorse the Kibra Jubilee parliamentary candidate McDonald Mariga.


Shebesh, who was speaking to women in Kibra constituency, stated that Ruto and his allies gained access to State House through the back door.
Shebesh stated that she was at State House when the DP pressurized the president to endorse Mariga on September 18, 2019.
“On that day when the president endorsed Mariga for Kibra race, I was in State House. I know how they mounted pressure on the president, and how they gained entry to State House. They used the backdoor," she claimed.
The former Nairobi Woman Representative noted that since the president was a vocal man, he would have spoken about the issue but he did not.
“I know how they exerted pressure to have pictures they took with the Head of State to be shared online.
“You and I both know our president is very vocal; he has a voice. On the Mariga endorsement issue, did you hear or watch him speak anywhere? We only saw pictures, he did not speak," she stated.

We will soon address the deputy president of KENYA! We will ask him hard questions, why does he enjoy taking the uneducated from Luhya community and parade them as his point men in the community! Look at this:-

  1. He took Rashid Echesa a birth certificate holder and made him a cabinet minister, how long did he last and in the end who looked stupid!
  2. Now he has taken another birth certificate holder he wants to force him to be an Mp and claim that he is the best from the community. Who will suffer in the end?
  3. If you look at his choices in central, all of them are birth certificate holders nothing at par with is choices in his back yard.
  4. In Turbo constituency, he denied one Okwaro the jubilee certificate his only mistake being sharp and holding more than on certificate!
  5. He has been running around with bonnie Khalwale, despite the bullfighter claiming he is a doctor, no single pharmacy or hospital clinic has he helped the bullfighter open for his people.
  6. Why does he fear Luhyas who hold degrees, who have qualifications in serious professions? Why does he enjoy parading these holders of birth certificate and nothing else?
  7. How come he can’t consult the brains within the community if he really means well.
  8. Former President Moi had this kind of attitude to other communities, he used to take the illiterates and make them leaders of their community. Read all former leaders in Moi’s government and you will see similarities between deputy president Moi!
  9. People say you can’t trust the Luhya community, yes we are untrustworthy or untrusted because we don’t fall for less, we have values, we respect our rights to think, make decisions, independence of thought, logic, and inference.
  10. We will address the deputy president in 2022. We will answer him in 2022. We know who we are, we know our status, we know our values, we know our standards, we know our rights, we know our heritage, we know our desire, we know our destination, we know our path, we know our process as a community, the non Luhya will always cast aspersions, castigate the community, make comedy about the community, make jokes about the community, recite connotations about the community but hear me, we will answer you in 2022.

By Sinpare leopard

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