Mariga, Kibera

Uncle @uwesmake and a small band of friends have been paying school fee for bright but disadvantaged kids from Kakamega County for a number of years. They don’t get paid for their efforts. No mortgage. No duty free cars. No bunduki and bodyguards. They donate their cash, brains and valuable time. They are full time professionals. Also, they are not rich.

That’s called giving back to the community. You don’t get elected to give back. You fold your sleeves and get your ass moving.

But when you land with election posters, and you are no political activist, have never issued a single statement about the well-being of wananchi, have no known views on education, health, development of sports, the elderly, economy, water, Kenya Power, age of consent, Mau Forest, crappy laws or even Muliro Gardens, you are mostly looking for a well paying job that you wouldn’t get in the private sector (for obvious reasons).

I would be pleasantly surprised if Mr Mariga knows the population of Kibra.

(Ted Malanda)

Uncle uwesmake endorses this article

I have always suspected Mariga ni :meffi: imejaa kichwa, it is finally confirmed.

You don’t need to be elected in a public office ndio you give back to the community.
Huyu jamaa haja yake ni doo to sustain his flashy lifestyle.

Those footballers don’t invest. They waste money on alcohol and the rest on loose women.

and VXs, chryslers and such. Oliech’s bro had one and i was so envious back in the day… buuuuuuuuuut…!

Y r people possessed with mariga aren’t there other candidates from other parties n independents?

Nvchieth acha kujitesa na lugha ya kina walcott ongea tu kiteso @Abba ata translate

Kinyesi ya kiroboto wewe. Hapana weka great name Abba on the same line with nvchieth

Thiī ukamīe!dryfrychieth!

Have you ever asked a athlete his political views. You will be amazed at how disassociated from society they are.

Mzito Simiyu22, hata wewe umejoin club ya AN DOCTOR? :D:D:D

Mbona mnajifanya toast Mariga namna hii give the man half a chance si lazma ati ashinde