Katwa Kigen pleas fell on deaf ears.Girls be careful who you date,move into your home and give your car to drive. Katwa Kigen argues that Maribe’s cellmates are actually spies planted to mine information from her, apparently most of the questions center around how much she knows about Jowie and from you. Kwani Jowie ako na info gani hii which they think he told Maribe? Is this girl even safe in police custody? Mungu amulinde jameni. Another one who is in trouble is a neighbor to Jackie Maribe in whose home Jowie’s gun was found- an unlicensed weapon. Is this Obado all over again where even neighbours are implicated in murder. The sentence as an accomplice to murder this could be life imprisonment.Pole sana Jaxki Maribe and dear family. Mungu awaonekanie. So sad.

it has been said that her phone can be tracked in the crime scene in the material day,perhaps she was the one holding Monicas legs as her throat was slit.

Ati pole sana ? she knew jowie slaughtered another human being like a chicken and covered up for him, apambane na hali yake

is she in JAIL JAIL- dark room with all sorts of stench dating back to the 1982 coup, a bucket full of excretions on the corner and worn oil based cream paint, no sweater, no makeup…ama ako VIP kama obado- chicken wings twice a day, a pool table, darts and cards, socket, bundles, a laundry for the suits, teefee na sunlight friendly windows?

nimelala cell on three or four occasions and that was only for a night na nilikuwa mlevi on all occasions…but asubuhi nko sober and that’s when reality kicks in. Ndio anajaribu kupigia your bailers simu. Those were only about 36hrs in custody at most na niliona kama ni week moja. Sasa huyu na ni dem 10 days ataskia aje…woi

what do you mean by ‘huyu ni dem’?. equal rights,my crime my choice

am saying me as a mwanaume niliona siku mrefu or uhorror cell and that was only 1 day sasa her as a lady and they are the weaker sex atafeel aje?

She’s in deep shait,that is why they didn’t charge he for a lesser crime, seems they want to go for Murder 1.

If you do the crime be ready to do the time.

@Slim_fit hakuna equality kwa cell za karao; machali hujazwa ndani kama viazi na hakuna mattress or anything. Girl wing iko na mattress na vile hawashikangwi wengi wanaishi poa kiasi. Nimewahi karibishwa hizo accomodation a while back kwa sababu ya fombe; aki ya mungu ni kama time haisongi. Hizo siku 10 Maribe katatoka kamechoka mwenda.

Lakini pale Central na Kamu mapokoste wanakuanga wamejazwa.

Huko sijawahi kanyanga na hata siwezi taka kukaribia…

hakuna VIP hulala JAIL JAIL hapa kenya,kwanza ukiwa warden-in-charge, uskie kuna VIP analetwa kwa station yako,unajuangu onions zitanuka.relatives ensure arrangement ya kila kitu for the culprit to be comfortable.Ni kama tu vile Kamlesh Pattni alituchocha

Parklands police station mapokoste ufungwa in a certain room facing the OB. Makarao wanaomaliza night shift or passing by the OB during the night ukuja wanachagua pokoste they go and chapa ilale and then release them. Pole kwako if u are an ugly ruffian looking whore…juu kesho yake morning utajipata kotini then uskumwe langata.

Msiniulize maswali, i had a cop buddy stationed at parklands

Kina Junet. Kuria na Manyara si walilala cell

and it was a very HUUUUUUUUUUGE exception and that is why they kept taking selfies kwa short walilala cell coz they wanted to…publicity and all…

Maribe ni peasant by billionaire standards. Yeye na Jowie watalala genpop. Anyone earning six figures or less from his dayjob is a peasant when faced with such a high profile and publicized case.

wewe ni midget si mwanaume

Once was at Karen Police station on visiting the public washrooms, noticed a used condom. Was wondering how that got there.