maribe, jowie

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Jowie shed tears when hugging his mom… My heart melted.

kula na ugali


wacha kusumbua phylgee kabla sijamukamua

Unaomba umkamue?

Journalist Jacque Maribe and her fiancé Joseph Irungu alias Jowie plead not guilty to murder charge levelled against them over death of Monica Kimani.

Let me ask, are you allowed a change of wardrobe while in remand? Can you also call your hair stylist?

kama kawaida

Tukutane kesho.


mambo yangu imekuwa shanti, shanti,shanti

muindi, rudi rajistan

That is probably a wig but i think so

naomba kukukamua

Yes, I saw the industrial area prison commandant explaining after the jailing of Gakuo and Co that they have nothing against suspects appearing in court looking their best so they allow family and friends of the suspects to bring in fresh clothes for court appearances.

admin alitumia criteria gani kukufanya VS’?

Hakunanga criteria huku it’s anything goes.
Si unaonakanga jamaa wa butchery anakuanga demoted to NV kila time akifika VE.

Shes looking good. probably accepted her fate and ready to deal. Jowie looks bad. like hes in a bad dream. wont be surprised akiji hang.

Ni kidonda ilifinywa akahisi uchingu