Margaret nyareira wambui

Pia mimi hapa mtanisamehe.


She must be Kawambui’s daughter.

hahahahah sema tu unataka akukamue, hizi nyege zako twaelewa


@uwesmake unaweza kamua hii?
@Wakanyama , hii ni pure blood kweli? Cant be.

@Mrs4thletter you’re stooped to chokoshes level, this is in very bad taste

Puhleeze you are thinking what everyone is thinking.

Actually I am proud to be that is why lazma ningepoint out no msap kama Mimi na ana-do big things

so what?? we think lots of negative shit but some we shelve to ourselves because they are not needed, as a woman saying this you’re totally out of line and the fact that you don’t seem to realize it makes the situation more sad

So ? She looks like a guy ! So? That hasn’t stopped her from being an athlete! Mbona hucomment vile nimesema she is fast? Ama vile nimemuita mungikiress? Wacha kujaribu kujiredeem from being my kanda ya moko by trying to play ‘bigger person’. Do not be a hypocrite lappie

I’m not disputing the fact that she looks like a guy, my thing is you shouldn’t point it out especially as a woman are you this thick that you can’t get my point?


Haha …as a woman? So kama MTU ni kipofu usiseme ni kipofu? I am team accept your weaknesses so you can find your strength ,and I say this not just as a woman but as a mother too she looks like a guy and has other desirable qualities just like you are daft but can be funny .

Hapa usipofikisha threshhold, => 7, utaniona. Not even your legs will save you.


siamini kuna mwanaume alilipia mtu kama wewe dowry, ata heri angebahatisha sportpesa jackpot

He he machungu ya kuambiwa ukweli hahaha ,

That CAS ruling allowing androgenous runners to compete in women’s sports has opened the way for some interesting times.
As for Wambui, she still can’t catch Semenya.

The one person who could have beaten semenya hands down is Pamela Jelimo. But she has a fragile psyche. Thus she retired before her mid 20s. What a waste of talent.