Marco Polo - Netflix

Done watching this series. It’s breathtaking. Succession politics , family backstabbing, betrayal and sexual promiscuity. If Weistein didn’t do what he did he would have finished the next series .

kwani alitomba hadi main actor?Naskia hakua anabagua:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

He was the producer or financer and when "me too " movement got grip of him, no one wants to be associated with his name . You should watch it

Mbwa ya kenyaspot, this series was cancelled in 2016 due to high costs of production. It had nothing to do with the Harvey Weinstein scandal, sawa ng’ombe mzee?

one of my best series…sad it was cancelled here is a thread we did in nov 2016

Kuna ingine kama hii.
I watched the "last kingdom " still on Netflix . Epic ajabu. Btw the 100 eyes has a short series . It explains why the monk was made blind . It’s a continuity of Marco polo. Thought you should know

Marked to be watched… Sande sana.

were it not for sickness Genghis Khan would have ruled the world…ukipata time ona hii documentary pia

I love the excuse he gives for conquering all that vast land. “If you had not sinned so much, God wouldn’t have sent a punishment like me.”


iko netflix ?

yep karibu zifanane kiasi

thanks man. im into these epic stuffs. they kinda make alot of sense to me . as long as kuna farasi, swords and ancient people then im home.
lord of the rings, adventures of hobit, apocalypto, Roman empire, the last kingdom, 300, gladiator to name a few. Still the same thank you

Vikings pia