Maraya Anataka Kukulia Sahani Mbiri

Anyway gentlemen remember dhako monyuol gi ng’ato mano chi ng’ato


Singo Mathas need to be exterminated

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[SIZE=7]new man wants baby daddy cut off[/SIZE]
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Kuna i thread bado inaendelea mahali

This is one of the reasons I passed a fatwa that all single mothers should be shot on sight. Follow what a woman’s actions say and not what she says coz even in what she says, contradictions, facades and doublespeak shall emerge. Kuna some maragoli lioness who tried this bullshit on me. Uzuri msito Coach RedPill alikuwa ashatukataza story za singo mathas. Niliambiwa eti relationship inaweza takeoff bila kusumbuliwa na baby daddy since walishawachana but akitaka kuona mtoi mama mtoto atakuwa anampelekea kwenye ako waonane. That was an early kickoff by the singo matha nikasema tawe but nilificha white nikakula mara kadhaa before literally disappearing from the face of earth as far as she was concerned.

She wants to eat her cake and have it, plain stupid, ! Aolewe na huyo deadbeat

Potential serial killers detected!

The most visible symptom of psychosis is senselessly mentioning the word “Kill” and the urge to cause both physical and mental harm to animals/human beings.

@rexxsimba @dr.n @Dr Mbugua @Dr.miti @Dr Wanz @dr edu @DaktariMayor @Doktari kindly connect those two with a qualified psychiatrist,they really need help.

P.S I’m not holding fort for single mothers.

You wilding .Is everything ok at home?

Leaders should be ready to kill if the killing advances their vision, dreams and aspirations for the people.

Mwanaume anaoa single mother hana akili.

It will surprise you ukianza kuhesabu wanaume hawana akili. Kuna wanaume wengine hata huoa single mothers wanawashinda umri kama ile doggy ya kiluhya Guardian Angel.

He dodged a bullet. It is most likely a shit test to see how much simping he’s willing to do.

Posting on social media where their mutual social circles are likely to see it is a desperate attempt to cuck him in a humiliating coup de grace.

Imagine the psychosis she has to believe that the man who nutted and moved to something better is better than the man willing to commit himself not only financially but legally to her.

Guardian Angel is cohabiting with a woman old enough to be his mum. Esther’s first kid has a 2 year age difference with Guardian Angel. So saad man.

My child this my child that. Akwende huko.

hii ni ile malaya ilikua inasema lawyer steve ogolla anamkatia

shimo mbaya ni ya nyoka

The single mother whore expects the deadbeat to take note and maybe come for more nutting in hope of he can reform :D:D

She has used very many words just to say BABY DADDY IS RICH AND I CANT MOVE ON.

Women are pathologically incapable of working for the benefit and betterment of the society they live in that is why I always maintain that women in leadership is an ongoing scam.

Mama yako ameninyima puma leo…that’s why I’m sad

Not until you land in a penitentiary