Maralal Connections

Wadau, am already in Ruiru heading to Maralal to deliver some goods. Anyone know any good club with rungu washers that can calm my nerves after this ardous safari? Kindly help your fellow elder. Digits are also welcome. As a thank you gesture, here are some early morning optical nutrition…


I visited the dusty town a few months ago and I can assure you that that business doesn’t go on there. The community is still very conservative and foreigners who do business there fear to bring their liberal manners with them. Huko ni fombe tu na kulala. As for the barmaids, don’t venture there. I was informed that HIV AIDS prevalence is quite high

Siwezi lipa more than 200

Conservative and HIV/AIDs prevalence in one sentence?

Subbie shit

I had to Google the information and it was correct

Siwezi lipa more than 200

Huyu elder amejiongea kwa heshima so guys saidieni yeye.

Am still sure there’s some ninja here with some coordinates. Patiently waiting as I zoom past Kibingoti market.

Ni kama tu coast. Conservative but ukedi iko juu sana.

Kafiri nyamasa.

They fuck undercover like rats

Taxi drivers in north eastern ?

A very sleepy town kuosha rungu ni ngumu… but ask around for Sungura hotels…rooftop there is a club… utaangukiA huko

Finally in Maralal… Enyewe hii devolution has not helped some counties any bit!

Import a kunguru from nanyuki and order 5 liters of camel soup as you wait. That thing makes your mjuols permanently upstanding for 6 straight hours. Utamwaga hadi plasma

How is your experience? Did you get somebody to devour? Ulipata accommodation wapi?

Was in Seasons Hotel, and no, I did not get anybody…

Don’t worry. I was there too some six months ago but didn’t bother looking for company too