Surely, does such a simple case need three lawyers?

Lazima alikuwa amekula raw. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Banae mtu atupe summary.

To remove any doubt.
But i’m sure the CJ is not wrongly being accused.

Mark mi words. This lawyee is positioning himself for some post if Ruto wins 2022. Look at how he is all over representing anti governmrnt people

  1. The woman has not paid Court Filing Fees, so the case has NOT been filed. He has said that the case is no case until Court Fees are paid.

  2. How did they file a Notice of Appointment of Advocates in a Case that does not exist?

She has published a children’s matter contrary to law. Watamgeuzia.

NIS skuizi wanatumiwa Kama spanner boys Kama CIA

the story of the lady is fake as it comes. The applicant has not paid the requisite court’s fees and also she went there with cameras. I foresee it backfiring on her terribly

Maraga ange join ktalk kitambo angejua kunguru hafugiki

Jamaa bado amechafuliwa jina, which was the intended result. Even after being exposed as fake, there are Kenyans who’ll continue believing and claiming maraga “ako na mtoto nje”. Inaeza kuwa warning pia to the CJ, if you keep doing ABC then more damaging stuff will be revealed.

This is a belittlement of the office of the CJ .

No woman is stupid enough to make such claims against a public figure without solid evidence. Paternity doubts can be settled within hours with a high degree of certainty. My guess is, he has been supporting her as a MWK but someone discovered her and promised much more pay if she went public. Maraga has not denied any of the substantive issues regarding the matter, which means he recognizes he is in a ngori of some sorts. The lawyers are only trying to buy him time as he adjusts to the darkness.

Exactly my thoughts on the flip side.the aim is to distract and weaken the cj.but this one is below the belt

Ametumiwa kuharibia maraga. The guy is launching an online portal for the judiciary system in kenya tomorrow. This will reduce wasee wa courts ndani kukulia greatly:D
Yaani wanajaribu juu chini kumtoa kabla aretire lakini wamepatana na ule mjanjetz:D

The kunguru is him. What is a church elder doing sleeping with girls with no even protection? Kinga sana in that cult he’s in. Shame on him. He should I fact just step down.

This case is dead in the water

The weight of this issue is not a paternity case (those are a dime a dozen world over), but rather the personalty of the so-called accused, the office he holds, and his track record as a judge with worldwide acclaim (see what happened in Malawi recently? The sequel).

I see the women have gotten to you too. :D:D

Ati no woman is stupid enough to make such claims against a public figure without solid evidence? Their cases are thrown out for lack of crucial evidence every other day. I have seen it myself. The lawyers are Abagusii. They are saying the Pathi Satifiketi is doctored [si unajua hiyo huwa hussle kabila gani hapa Kenya :D:D]. If an Omogusii tells you a document is doctored, please believe it. :D:D That was not even the point. I am still reeling from the fact that you think women are so much smarter than everyone else. Come off it!