Mara heist whistleblower sacked

The accusations leveled against Spencer included insolence to the employer, libel/defamation, disregard of university standards and procedure.


Hii niliona


Unblock @tall mnyama everywhere ,he posted the story 3 days ago

Why be a whistleblower? Kula pesa yako and as long as you are not exposed to prosecution, stay quiet.

@sani would say huyu ni mtu mjinga sana. You can’t change the rules of the game. Kenya is too corrupt, akubali na aibe tu kama Ruto.

In a way @sani is both right and wrong.

Is Kenya doomed forever?

Does Islam agree with this nonsense you have written?

maybe his share was eaten. He will have a hard time getting another job. Who will want a snitch?

He should have reported to the Audit Committee/independent directors…alafu asahau hiyo mambo. Shida ni it’s possible those 2 may have been sharing in the stolen loot as well.

And what would the the Audit Committee/independent directors do exactly???

They would investigate and have the stealing managers fired.

:smiley: cmon now. Even you, you don’t believe that crap. Who are the members of this so called “Audit committee” ?

Si ni hao wezi tu?

It is independent directors who sit on the audit committee. They can investigate and remove the thief from power.

Kizungu mingi, Kenya is too rotten & after all’:that committee has seen this already.