Maps showing U.S military bases surrounding China.

:D:D:D:D @Purple come see. Over 400 military bases packed with soldiers, armaments and most critically hundreds possibly thousands of NUKES!!

Fanya fujo uone! :D:D:D


Many more were added under Obama jaluo jeuri :




Chinese economic bases surrounding US military bases


What’s the use of bases all over with surveillance and defensive systems, arms worth billion of dollars that can be breached by low cost, poor technology armed drones?

US ni mnyambo ya punda tu. They failed to defeat taliban China ndo wataweza??

Overpriced garbage.
That’s where the US spends most of its military budget.

The moment I knew they are doomed is when I read a reddit thread about how the US military actually spends its money.
Everything is overpriced. It is more corrupt than Kenya.
One guy confessed that a company he worked for supplied a small part for a certain airplane programme. It cost them about $8 to fabricate the part, but they sold it to the military for $5000.

The US might have the highest military budget, but when it comes to the value they are obtaining from it, it is lower than China.

Most of the budget goes to paying high salaries, supporting veterans, maintaining bases and paying for very overpriced equipment.

Hebu explain hio maneno ya drones. Keep in mind we are talking about America’s full arsenal here spread out in South Asia. From men to tanks to ships, to submarines, to jets, to nukes, to drones, to you name it…

In Japan for example the U.S has 32 mega baracks in Okinawa Island. Massive facilities built there many years ago. Drone itafanya nini hapo?

Warfare has changed. 100s of bases overseas made sense in 1945. Not today.
Today a country can launch an ICBM from thousands of miles away. Or drones.

In case of a major war today, a country can win without soldiers setting foot in enemy land.

I like your logic.
Try sharing some of that with this shameless American ass licker.
He can’t see or think anything beyond American.

Tumia akili Whiteass kisser saa Zingine. Target msuri sio Hizo bases but just hit their Homeland na ndio maana North Korea hamna democracy shiet…Kama Us Ni wabaya SI wa-invade Pyongyang.

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It will take the chinese 50 - 100yrs to be militarily on par with the US. Even the Russians have predicted this.

At the moment, the US has 800 military bases around the world.

China has a grand total of 1 in Djibouti. Kenya has more than 1 in Somalia :smiley:

@patco si umekuwa vocal kusupport US. Peana venue we meet we solve hii maneno omundu khu Mundu. Mimi I will represent Mighty China.
Hapa I will send you to your maker.

Weh! America ni moto fwaya. Patty the standards change a lot depending on bias.

Just because America owns them it’s called “overpriced garbage.” :D:D:D:D

Kuna ground poa sana hapa chini karibu na dam ya Clay Works… Kujeni mumalize hii story physically… @Purple atakuwa ref

@Purple No yeye ni team trump labda @Motokubwa akuwe ref

“Overpriced garbage easily breached by low cost drones…” :D:D:D:D

Brilliant comment.

Actually the houthis proved that the overpriced garbage called patriot missile was not able to detect those tiny drones that devastated Saudi economy.

Only 2 nations to date what could actually be called an ICBM and those two nations also are the only ones that can penetrate each other’s systems.
Secondly those bases are also there for several other reasons.
Taiwan needs those bases as a forum of guarantee against an invasion by China.
South Korea against the North.
Japanese bases have played a major role in keeping the Fascists (And Japan has them even in Shinzo Abe’s party).
Those fascists already won a political victory when their motion to change the Japanese army from being a purely defensive army to one that can wage war was passed and they also call for Japan to have nukes coz North Korea has them.
America bases in the Philippines are more to do with it being a former American territory.

@patco ,umeamua lazima watu waheshimu America ? Swali ni does America respect other sovereign countries ?

That is an obvious no!