Mapoko,escorts and dating website.

Guys kuna venye naweza unda doh poa kwa kumake such type of website?

Yes make sure no catfishing wawekee picha zao Safi. Kusalimiana,kuosha macho na kutoa ngapi batallion ni target market poa Sana.

wow thanks

Halafu you get their numbers you chat them tell them uko na sites. Where you will be marketing them. Flood Facebook,telegram,twitter by your website. Advertise vigorously.

Kitungu inuke.Hii ndio business haitawai isha ata corona ikuwe.Rungu lazima zioshwe

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Great idea boss. I dont think using a kenic domain is a good idea. Coz it may sometime get dirty, however much you control. Angelina the stress forum.confessions is going through. Ezekiel Mutua will be alerted once you hit peak traffic.

Nice idea.

But to make it in this you need to be really good in SEO. You need to rank first page on google for any escort, massage and sex related queries in the country.
The ladies will definitely want to sample your site for atleast a week waone kwanza vile inawaletea job. SEO.

nice bro

Let me tell you the cold hard truth; it is flooded market and already has big players like CL, tagged, Badoo, tinder to name but a few. It will really be a huge mountain to climb

good idea

Boss. Did you abandon mission? Or ideas changed?! I see you are now doing travels on the same domain?

Copy pasting idea bila execution plan leads to this. :D:D

The “work at home” struggle is real!


niliamua kurun mlm yangu bana nikule pesa while resting

Well, it was really an ambitious move. But if you could have stuck to it longer, you may have gotten something. Online business require patients.

kweli bana iko two days old napata 1700 profit kwa siku

Ngombe hazimaliziani nyasi.

Mdau Leta link. Alafu I can propose an idea and make alot of money from beta males