Map of China in 1933 before massive expansion.

Before Han Chinese grabbed millions of acres from their neighbours.

Anyone with common sense knows that after Hong Kong and Taiwan China will definitely go after Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore… Afghanistan , Pakistan … heck even India is fair game.


Manchuria was populated by people known as the Jurchen who looked like native Americans.

Han Chinese did what they do best : outbreed you out of existence. Just like they are doing in Xinjiang. Lock up the men and women separately. Then fuck the crap out of the women. Wakitoka re-education camp they are heavily pregnant. Take away the children for re-education.

Send young Han Chinese to marry the Uyghur girls.

[SIZE=7]World map before yunaires steits[/SIZE]

The USA keeps you from being raped and killed by the likes of Japanese and Mongolians/Chinese. And yes they are meaner people par subhuman Arabs.
Thank uncle DJ Trump for trying to slow your slide into the hands of those diminutive people.

Yeah,tell that to the millions of vietnamese dead,injured or displaced

China walionyeshwa moto na Japan.

The Chinks will never conquer Xinjiang or Tibet or inner Mongolia, just like Ethiopians will never conquer the Ogaden.

Penda wasipende, the climate won’t let them

Anyone with common sense knows that China’s administration is not that stupid to claim for other territories.
More than that, perhaps African people should be more worried about expansion of China. Really, you think about Malaysia and Thailand and don’t notice that China has almost colonized African countries. Look at the loans which China give to Africa without even thinking of getting the money back. All economic and political facts point that China has more influence on Africa than African people. And you say that China will go after Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore? If China does it, it will antogonize itself with the whole world. Instead, China goes after Africa because noone in Western world cares about the Dark Continent and there will be noone who will be able to resist China’s influence.

Sasa unataka tubaki huku tukicheza na fudhi na tumesota na pia sisi ni manongwe. Hizo barabara mnachukiaga sana hazikujengwa bure, they needed alot of money and expertise, none of which we have. Even if we had sacrificed our entire budget, bado ingebidi tutafute pesa ndio tujenge nchi. Most african nations are non developed since the way they were created when the supercontinent split all those hundreds of millions of years ago. Yes china is taken advantage of us, but what were we to do. Ata malaya hawajiuzangi juu wanapenda miti mingi, [SIZE=1]well some d[/SIZE]o, but the point is we are broke and we need roads.