Maoga Boys Wameambiwa Watulize Nyege

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Anus licker umeona jabass ameenda kuomba msaanda wa chakula Japan :japan:

And what is wrong with that. Last I checked we are a poor, third world developing nation with a GDP smaller than a mid sized city in Japan. If they have something they can give us, we’d be much better even by a millimeter than we are right now

Very deserved advisory.The average satafrican man is semi literate and walks around with a knife looking for people to rob and where to get free savanna beer and ready to stab anyone at the slightest provocation

And that’s supposedly the most civilised/developed nation in Sub-Sahara Africa. Enyewe bonobo wamerogwa …

You are confusing being civilized and being weak. I love how they deal with invaders there . Zoomalia zilidhani zitaenda kutake over huko na tufefty vyenye wanahonganga clueless D- mambo ikawageuka

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Its the whites in SA that are civilised/developed

Seuth Efrika will finish Oga Mboys