Manze manze

So leo nilikuwa ka meeting flani ya UNDP/USAID nimerelax hapo mbele juu natambulika sana sides za ******(sitaki kusema nimetoka wapi)

The meeting gets boring afte naamua kuanza kupitia Twitter (i am highly addicted to twitter) …kwa timeline nacheki this tweet nimweka hapa chini …sikujua nimesahau kuweka volume down and apparently never saw the comments on those tweets:D
Fucccccccck…fuccccckkk…watu walinitolea macho style nyingine i was so embarrassed…na vile kulikuwa na wamathee kwa meeting…i just had to stand up and explain the video was tampered with in terms of audio…so fucccking embarrassing


Ni mara ngapi in such meetings wanasema simu zime off ama silent mode?

Thiem is a hoodrat

Ma afte especially kama wewe ni bigwig no one gives a fuckkk

:smiley: :smiley:

Sawa lakini nduru ni ya porn

this will make people with trypophobia sick.

hio kitu iliwahi nimess 2017 nikipanda gari ya madaraka vile hizo magari hua zimekimya so my speaker was at 100 manze hadi dere alishtuka na mimi. the whole car came to stand still some guy was not sure whether to laugh or not
it was a video with a gun with exactly same audio i had to leave the car at nyayo stadi, its first stop
Na vile uko USAID na wewe ni bigwig si unipee kazi hapo ?

Kama ni ma afte that was a nice energize. You made their afte.


Unafall to this lies this village is full of peasants with peasant salaries

:D:D:D… kua mpole.

This is all hogwash. Bigwigs do not fall asleep at meetings. They stay awake as they are often held accountable. Unless of course ni mkutano wa kujenga cattle dip. And even that in Kenya…ulale??? jeepers creepers you must be v dizzy. Money will be shared kama ume-doze.
Pls lie to us in style.

So leo nilikuwa ka meeting flani ya UNDP/USAID nimerelax hapo mbele juu natambulika sana sides za ******(sitaki kusema nimetoka wapi)

Once again you are doing too much… :smiley:
Slayking instinct too strong in you…saitan.

Shosh nani amesema nimelala…afternoon sometimes is so boring you just peruse your lapi or phone …and i dont give a fuckk about your opinion :D:D…najua unangoja UK pension peasant wa majuu(sadly it has been moved to 75yrs :D:D

Casual labourer pigania minimum wage na kuchimba choo…keep off my threads usiniambukize ufukara

:D:D:D…unless you block me i will always without fail call you out.

Yaani wamathe walikukodolea macho tu ukasimama ukaanza kujiexplain bila hata kuongeleshwa?? Sh**et…are you gamma, beta or something? Ati unatambulikana hizo sides…lmao… Sasa utaanza kutambulikana na umama mob. I’m sure everyone in that summit will start viewing you differently from now henceforth. Not from whatever emanated from your phone but by that small gesture of trying to explain away that inconsequential glitch

Good for you , some things have to happen for someone to learn from !

:DI have told you enuff times to focus on your long tales. Maneno yangu huwezi. I don’t even work right now…mimi ni housewife by choice brah. Pension intact from my employer when that time comes oki? guud boy.
You sunk even further than you can imagine by saying that you have a Dr aunt in Bristol a beautiful city, low costs of living and struggles surving on paycheck to paycheck. She should not be trusted with our patients if she cannot manage a huge Dr’s pay. Even the nurses earn a hell of a lot.
Not getting dragged into a debate with you.
How is the weight loss going on? I saw your feet on another thread here and wondered why you punish them by being overweight.