Manyani Prison

Middle of nowhere. Zero press coverage. Extremely harsh conditions. The powers that be decided to shut Jowie up for good by burying him deep in the system. Jowie will be totally forgotten henceforth. His relatives will only visit him for a few years and stop, if they havent stopped already. Now he is just a number in prison records. Jowie has been in the system since 2018. The longer you stay inside, the harder it is to get out.

Jowies mistake: being involved in a murder while broke.

There are levels to this game and Jowie tried to punch wayyy above his weight.

Nigga probably hanged out with rich kids and heavy hitters at high end joints and somehow thought that he was one of them. He didn’t have the $$ to back it up.

Politicians, leaders and rich people lived in impunity in Peru, Brazil, South Korea, Argentina and Malaysia until the system suddenly turned against them.

Hii story ya Jowie unapenda sana lightskin. Whatis?

it always settles in the same pattern. there isnt a time poor men came out on top.

He murders people and thinks he has money that keeps hims safe. ultimate symbols of money=> 2001 toyota corolla NZE, 2004 Toyota Mark X.

Najaribu kusaidia vijana wajinga kama wewe. Never make the mistake of thinking you can get away with some crimes like your rich friends do. Kama wewe ni mtu wa Toyota stick to overlapping and other minor offenses murder wachia wazito wa Range Rovers.

Unless I murdered your grandmother or your boyfriend, you need to stop commenting garbage on my posts.

Huko kwa drumpf mkia ni ngapi?

Hii ni mara ya mia unatuambia hii upuzi. You just displaced some commars this time round.

Hii ni Mara ya mia kucomment :meffi::meffi: kwa threads hauko invited. Nilikwambia nikitaka opinion yako nitakwambia. Wacha watu important wacomment kwanza.

When I need your opinion, I will beat it out of you.

That is the language wazee hutumia kukunyamazisha ukileta kiherehere kwa meeting yao badala ya kunywa pilsner za kununuliwa?

Ni ile language mimi hutumia nikiongelesha nobodies kama wewe.

I understand Jowie alikosana with a snr warder pale Kamiti. U see in Kamiti if u have the right people outside (family with money) unapata VIP treatment. So kuna siku huyu warder amekuja cells akashow watu wapige kabaa. Jowie didn’t juu alijiona VIP. Akaambiwa pia wewe ghasia piga kabaa. Jowie akakuwa rude ati nina watu plus me ni celeb kwa githeri media. Nichape uone hii story kwa news alafu upigwe transfer.

The snr warden after kuambiwa ivo akasema tutajua nani ni kusema hapa. As u know these snr wardens also have god fathers in govt. Ali organise mboy apigwe transfer Manyani. There he will suffer and his visits will be limited coz of travelling and all

This one anaweza kufa mneti if he is not strong.

Dont insult wisdom.

Haya sasa hebu explainia lightskin kupiga kabaa ni kufanya nini ndio next time akishikwa overlapping asipelekee snr warden umangaa ajipate na crush wake manyani…

In those instances, they did.

Someone is in love

Jowie might have been involved in other murders before, sanctioned by people in highly placed families. He is a liability. He came to the limelight before they could kill him. Now they can’t kill him

@rainbowreigns toka hapa khasia

Limelight inaisha. Manyani sio mchezo