Many street names in Johannesburg are of Kenyan towns , places and even people

Does anyone here know the reason that so many street names in Sunninghill, Johannesburg are of Kenyan towns, places and even people? They have Bogoria, Diani, Nanyuki, Naivasha, Kikuyu, Kilindini, Kisumu, Malindi, Nakuru, Mungai, Ngobit, Tana, Thika and more…


Huko ni Sunninghill banae

Because they earlier colonizers were from Kenya

Yeah, heard of something like this. A good number of white settlers moved to apartheid SA as Kenya was approaching independence

Mostly from Eldoret

Just say Kenyan Highlands, si Sugoi. Naona unajaribu kuleta hustling hapa.Nugu

They are just roads and estates around sandton surburbs named after kenyan areas,nothing extraordinary

Sasa mbirrionaires lazima wa-clarify wako nanyuki ya wapi :cool:

I know why I specified Eldoret.
Eldoret was started by the boers.It was built on farm number 64(hence 64 grounds in ELD).There are many books about this but wewe kichwa yako ni hustler na azimio 24/7.

thought it was 64 miles from Nkr Railway Station to Eldy Railway Station ?

A you not a UDA member?


:D:D:D:D:D tunacheza na jet


Fuck we need a mau mau day literally.Another ten years and these buggers would have multiplied like rats