Many of you thought this guy would end up drinking to a stupor in ichuweri

Like praying mantis didn’t instruct you to vote against “dynasty”? No need to answer to this but politics is stupid. You can’t be on any side and claim safety.

Best you speak for self Dude. I always vote or support operation Jakuon nje nje nje kapsaa.

His project would have finished us. Baba holds a lot of bitterness about Cendro. Imagine Baba, Babu, Junet and Sifuna all controlling the state machinery! Yes?

Didn’t Babuon instruct you to vote in some way?

Ishia bana

Hiyo ni horror movie kuwa for real…:D…

The gods must love 254 and make sure Ojinga will never efer…ameharibia soko hadi Vinyangarika za Kenyatta …

Ojinga is Kenya’s domestic terrorist per non…alianzia 41 vs 1 and created pure bloodshed in 07…Wanjiku amekataa kurudi hapo…JSKS anajua mbinu zake…

Ojinga needs bakora kadhaa kutokaa mzee pale kwale

Wangetumaliza. Imagine squad yote ya Uhru na baba wote wanakula! Tungekuwa another Somalia. We wish Uhuru well, but he should avoid poking his dirty nose in our politics. He had his time, he must now exit the stage.

Being a Mirriam supporter mus be a sweet thing to you, coz your work is defending his lies and fake promises every other hour after he speaks. Nyonya ballsac yake i shine kapsaaa.

I didn’t vote for any,not any other. What I just meant is one is always instructing you to vote for the other,and this year has clearly shown that none is better.