Many of you thought this guy would end up drinking to a stupor in ichuweri


Your point…just not in Ichaweri :smiley: …for now…

as long as ampounguza Ojinga Maandamano kwa tei

"In our age there is no such thing as ‘keeping out of politics.’ All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia.”
George Orwell.

Haloo retard?

But retirement means not holding a post at a political party

They said they are sending one to ichaweri, and the other to bondo.

None of that happened, instead wao ndio wameambiwa watakatwa pesa nyingi zaidi for the ballooning govt wage bill

Who are ‘they’, lakini nakuelewa.

Mum ndio amesema atafutiwe kibarua ata kama ni ya mjengo ili asi fall into bad company

You are so wrong!!! we did not wish Uhuru any ill. He infact wished us ill by demanding and controlling us…ati we should vote for Jakuon and BBI. All we wanted is him out of the top job. And God was with us on this mission.

Sending home is a figurative language in politics. It is a call to defeat a competitor

How can you want him out of the top job yet you have voted him in three times, so that he can finish his term?

Kenyan voters on ‘one’ side.

I keep telling folks all politicians are on their own side. They take up all the benefits of the political process, while the rest of wananchi suffer the losses

Wewe endelea tuu na ma figurative zako.

Meanwhile the new crop of billionaires you have minted with your additional tax burden are not figurative

Ati nini, contradiction much?? he finished the said terms but still wanted to hang on. Hio ndiyo tulikataa. Cha muhimu sana…we refused the person he was imposing on us…

The only reason we would talk about this person now is about recovering public property.

How has his exit improved your wellbeing and that of other Kenyans entirely since then?

We are greatly relieved that the future is bright, even though the present is difficult.

Good luck with your wishful thinking @Rene Descartes aka fortune teller

Good luck with your wishful thinking @Rene Descartes aka fortune teller

We are at peace…besides tulikataa kuambiwa what to do and when. Like Assmio supporters who have no voice…