manufacturing food items in Kenya

wadau…pls help me out:
I am in my intial stage of coming up with a business plan. I am thinking of venturing into value addition for agricultural produce. Now my concern is, guys who make stuff like yoghurt,tomato sauce on a small scale in their houses, do they have to acquire kebs stickers, lincences from foods and poisons boards etc.

Pls enlighten me what needs to be done .

Jamaa wa Nice and Lovely alianzia industry kwa nyumba yake, jaribu halafu jaribu tena.

Ongea na tomato baron @mabenda4 upate habari kamili.

Kebs lazima. Sijawai skia hip ya foods and poisons board. But I have a policy…start your gig…shit will sought itself in due time. If you were to satisfy every godamned requirement, you would never take off. Karibu

KEBS ni just 10k a year for his presumably small undertaking… Let him just pay up

Wewe anza hustle yako…ukianza na KEBs utaumia. They insist on visiting your premises and all manner of redtape. Just start huko mbele utajisort

ntaanza n i will be giving u guys periodic updates…kuna guys with brilliant minds apa

The guy is already sure of the field he wants to venture in and is asking for advice IN THAT FIELD. Why do some people like forcing other ideas down people’s throats? Did you read this “I am thinking of venturing into value addition for agricultural produce.”??? @Big G start your thing and worry about regulations later. They are dogs and if they bust you, you throw a bone, they will take it. We have a shortage of manufacturers so I wish you success and remember to create jobs for people.

Great stuff is the start… you will learn a lot after taking the action of starting than before you start…

You’re so wise. Si ukue bibi yangu?

@Big G Leave out the naysayers.
Am a ‘small manufacturer’ agribiz is our house, value addition is our area.
In a nutshell.
1.reg ur firm as a LTD company.its expe than the rest but, partners will want to work with you.
2.HV a biz plan. N in it, show ‘social entrepreneurship’ eg how you wanna help farmers livelihoods etc, it shows ur out to change lives.n that’s wat partners look for.
3.GOK helps,there is bureaucracy yes,plus lazy Govt employees,but explore KIRDI,KIE,KAM.
Its they get u into their Info systems for networking n capacity bldg.
4.KEBS is important, utakuliwa kakitu yes, but once U HV the mark n standard,ur free to walk into any supermkt in KE.
5.its long, tedious n ugly.competition from mainstream playaz.but I can help you. I wnt charge u for advice, am not a consultant, but in this great village whacentwendu?
Juz inbox me. What field or product r u in?
PS hiyo Foods n whatever dsnt apply here, that’s for pharmacies

Raundi hii am doing research on Export markets.its a whole lot of shit!
Anyone help?

Very great advice. Pewa like. But before you embark on your research about export markets, take a minute to read an English textbook because no one can understand half of the gibberish shorthand on this paragraph.

You deserve the name good vibes.

This is shorthand meant for business pple. Not makangas like you.

Twiga foods a start-up also started small in 2013 by introducing technology but look at where they are now.Last year they got funding from Wanda capital to the tune of $10 million now they are scaling big due to innovation(agri-tech) & better value preposition.Don’t give up bro.

I agree. They are moving volumes.
Their plans to diversify their product uptake is best news ever to the small scale farmer

On export i can offer advise,not on market but regulations and tariffs

Sawa msito.will inbox soon.
Lemmi complete reg req for the kampuni cz I need a different entity.
Market nimeshapata, its juz that the volumes hao waarabu wa Dubai wanataka huge volumes which r stressfull. Am looking fo a guy to partner with.
Thanks, all holla soon