Manufactured In China, Assembled In Kenya: Autopax AirEv YETU Pro. THE LIE ABOUT EVs

The amount of carbon emitted in the mining and processing of Lithium ore, recycling of dead batteries, Charging with power generated from coal or diesel powerplants defeats the whole purpose of Electric Cars. Electric cars are NOT new, they were still around in the 1910s.

Ruto on Sunday and Monday ditched his usual heavy detail of fuel-guzzling SUVs and drove himself in the tiny three-door electric hatchback, quite on brand for a convention aimed at addressing the escalating challenges posed by climate change.

But what is this tiny car touted as Kenya’s first Electric Vehicle (EV) by a local company?

The Air Yetu is the product of a partnership between Kenyan EV company Autopax and the Chinese automobile company SAIC-GM-Wuling (SGMW).

Nilion Lawn Mower ya batteries haina hata nguvu za kutosha. Hizi pikipiki zinaletwa Kenya za Stima is just another scandal being served to Low IQ Kenyan cows.

What is SAIC-GM-Wuling (SGMW) gaining from this partnership?
In China EV makers are given government subsidies to manufacture EVs, I don’t think Nabii’s government is that generous to EV companies.

And Lithium is a limited resource

Mjamaa anafanya advert ya kampuni yake.