Mansa x

After doing some research here and there I have concluded to advise you wadaus.
If you happen to give your money to this so called ‘online money manager’ chances are that your hard earned cash with Drink water. A lot of water.
Here is how;
-They take your money so that they can trade it in some Online Forex Trading platform.

  • hapo kwa online forex ndio chida iko.
  • Online Forex do Not actually buy or sell the Actual hard international currencies, stocks or commodities. No.
  • All what they do is take a position, just like betting.
  • They ‘predict’ or bet on whether for example, the dollar will depreciate against the Euro, then they place your money on that ‘bet’ and decide to ‘sell’ the dollar to ‘buy’ the Euro. Remember nobody is buying nothing. But your money is on the line here.
  • If the dollar appreciates, you lose the bet. The more it appreciates, the more you lose until you ‘account’ is exhausted, unless if you have put a limit or cash out.
  • If it indeed depreciates the reverse is true, but you can never become an overnight millionaire. Unless you are lucky, very lucky to hit that Jackpot. Which means the other investors have lost the bet.
  • In the meantime, Mansa x or the Online Forex platform owners take home huge commissions from your deposits, whether you win or lose…
    Anyway kuna wale watalilia kwa shoo.

The best online forex trading platform in the world is called IG. ( They advise you very well through several videos and actually give you a Demo account so that you learn how it works and invest/bet wisely.
All ze mbest.

Umelipwa ngapi?

Forex trading is worse than betting. In betting, one hopes for a win but is fully prepared for a loss, psychologically and financially. In forex, promises of wins come out loudest, but rarely materialize.Only a small minority thrive in forex, most often those with huge stakes and a better feel of the game.

the house always wins …that’s the rule !