mannerless kids

As a mother how can you tell your child in a ma3 not to get up for a pregnant woman simply because “nimemlipia”…what is sh 30 compared to the values you would instill in the kid had u told him to stand so that the pregnant woman may seat…mums
Lets raise our kids right!!

I support that mother 100%. If the matatu is full dont get into it. Road safety begins with you and I. Halafu we will blame policemen and NTSA when accidents occur.

Why would a pregnant woman board an already full matatu?

The sense of entitlement just because one is older or Prego!!

Foolish pregnant woman and her bloated sense of entitlement !

Hizo maneno zilikua za early 90s when public vehicles to certain routes were few. Siku hizi mat ziko kila mahali mbona mtu, especially mwenye ako pregnant, apande yenye imejaa

foolishness of the highest order. whenever I have used a matatu with my Son I have paid for his seat, and he is 3 and a half years old. ata aangaliwe vibaya aje hasimami. why should she squeeze herself into the Matatu that is full? ati cz she is pregnant ndio asimamiwe? shida yake. I can only assist her carry her bags into and out of the Matatu but telling my son to stand up? No fucking way its not about the 30 Bob missus

Pregnant women are a menace nowadays. She spleads und lifts her legs high in the air dishing out slices then comes shoving her swollen tummy in everbodys faces. I would sooner give my seat to a cripple or an elderly person than her. Esp in a mat, she aint getting my seat.

Vile nyinyi nyote mmesema.

labour pain? I might be wrong

She did wrong to board already full mat…bt ata ivo madhe ya mtoi hangeonyeshana kwa mtoi u should nt stand up…do u get my point?

Na unapatanga even if you were the most ‘kind’ nigger alive, nugu haziwezi kurudishia pesa yako…so why bother.

I think before the lynch mob lights the tyre, atis de should have been asked to clarify exactly how the situation was like. Why the pregnant woman was in a full matatu.
And in any case stop for once being moralists. We know you all bend laws each ferking day.

Mother ya mtoi was instilling discipline into the toi ’ when the matt is full, never stand - its dangerous’ Comprende?

Machungu ya nini! Address the issue at hand…not her spreading 'em legs and dishing out nunu! It’s none of your business. My nunu my choice!!!

No. I don’t

Ofcourse we do, but when we are caught in the shit, we soldier on like the shit it is.

The only situation which I would give up my seat is if the only seat available is at the back, and she boards the matatu last.

Thumbs up!!

Women are really difficulties to understand
– what is 30 Bob compared to respect ! Which is valueless. Instil good values in you child brain , you will not always be there for them !
– must the pregnant woman board that particular mathree ? When it zeros to woman vs woman it’s becomes stupid but the line is very thin ! We men just keeeeep oooooff with our mouth zipped