Manly Man In A Manly Movie

Yesterday, George Miller broke the sad news that the entire Mad Max franchise was put on hold as he begins work on a new movie. Iliniuma, but haidhuru, he had struggled enough already with Warner Bros.

The most sensible thing, I thought, was to fire up this gem from Tom Hardy.
What’s so special about it?
The entire movie is about a single scene, a guy called Ivan Locke, in a car hurtling down the highway in his BMW… for 2 hours.
The movie starts with Locke in his car, driving to a place we know nothing of. He get’s a call, his son is already excited watawatch ball and he tells him how much his ma’(Main Squeeze ya Locke) has alreaady bought German beer… He gets another call from the construction site; it’s a £11m gig and the structural integrity of the skycrapper depends on a concrete pour that should be made in his presence.
But he won’t make it to watch the game and neither will he turn up for the concrete pour. He’ll be somewhere else, making things right.:saitan:
What’s So Manly About It?
The entire movie is a giant metaphor of the numerous challenges and unwavering responsibilities that both you & me encounter. If anything, this is one o the very few movies that takes a heart wrenching story and gives you something to look up to. This entire century, if there’s any movie that did a great job at illuminating what modern men go through, it’s this one fellas.

tl;dr Here’s an epic movie with a single scene that would inspire the shit out of you.

Bonus: Do you know why directors, cough Nolan cough, keep hiding Tom Hardy’s face? (TheDarkKnightRises, MadMax5, Dunkirk, TheRevenant)

It’s because he’s among the very rare type of actors that can perform with nothing but eyes. He’s the epitome of body language among actors.

As you were.

Mad max was something else. Best fight scene in a movie I’ve watched. Tom Hardy hukuwa very intense guy.

madmax was the most USELESS OVER RATED movie that i have ever seen , pure nonsense watu wakizunguka kwa gari na kupigaa guitar with some fuaked up gore . that LOCKE movie ilini jazz sanaa , very emotonal mpaka nikatumia baby momma mpesa

Not really. Hardy just likes covering his face with random things.

Hardy’s performance in s2 of Peaky Blinders(with nothing on his face) was one of his best IMO

for me, Lawless does it

Nilipata B-roll ya hiyo movie, sikuamini hiyo wrench ilikuwa real and heavy wakirehearse. Pure joy tu.

The reason inasifiwa ni juu ni ngumu kutengeneza an apocalypse movie bila kurusha CGI kila mahali. It defied rules za kawaida by being a dramatic movie kuanzia mwanzo hadi mwisho.

Locke inaeza fanya ulee watoto wa wenyewe kama huna.:smiley:

I missed that one. But it’s neat b/cboth Locke and PeakyBlinders were made by Steven Knight, if sijakosea.