Manly Ghetto Gourmet... You Feel Me

… the spaghetti gon’ boil for 3 mins which is enough time to commit a full burglary :D:D:D:D:D … and we’re crips outchea so we stir in a C motion


You dont have to expose your idleness all over

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falling standards

ok … lets fix the world by posting threads about how those gotdang Israelis are stealing land and oppressing the Palestinians. No? Okay, lets talk about how our local government is oppressing us. No? Then how about we talk about how our wives are so hard-headed! No? Hmmmmm what do we talk about? … I know, I know … lets talk about how today’s youth wastes their potential and how it so much better it was back in our day.

sigh I guess we’ll get back to splitting all these atoms then re-calibrate those 37 Hubble Telescopes once we’re done discussing and changing the world with our pseudo-intellectualism on all these important issues, huh?



@Nefertities you have got to be the funniest!

:smiley: I’m just trynna find out which solution to a world/human crisis I stopped by posting this thread. Maybe an important bill wasn’t passed in parliament or perhaps an immigrant was denied asylum! Who knows? Perhaps we have a race issue which has been overshadowed by this thread and is now threatening the civil rights of colored people!


Today being a friday am trying the video recipe u posted juzi… boiling ribs in beer after nyama chomaring… will give an update if I wake up alive tomorrow :D:D:D

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lol you should be ok. The alcohol cooks off during the process.

Nefertits Que Hora Es?? Am i the only one who picked my jaws on the floor after watching that clip? Post episode 2 :slight_smile:

Jaribu kutulia boss.

:D:D:D:D…10-Nil @Dunya

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:D:D:D uno, dos, tres … this is actually episode 1

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Da hell? o_O thought it’ll give my ass one kickass high till da weekend dies? Don tell me it’ll also be cooked off if I substitute the beer with vodoski/gin ?

The alcohol is usually cooked off during the process. It just helps to improve on the flavor and with beer, it also helps with creating a deeper color. The only way you can retain the actual alcohol is if you marinate your food in it then serve as is. … kinda like when you soak raisins in rum or brandy for a few days/weeks while refrigerated then use them to garnish desserts like ice cream or cake.

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Kuna msee hajaambiwa poa hapa.:D:D.
Umbaya wako ni kujam jam ka mwarabu maze kila saa.:slight_smile:

Ilikuwa mashindano tena, i didnt get that memo

Wewe uakuwanga na umama sana. This is a social site with categories. If you click on the tab “new posts”, you are able to see what is on offer. You can choose to limit yourself to those threads that keep you going and make you feel intellectual enough. Interestingly, wale watu ambao hawacontribute kwa kijiji ndio wako na umama sana.SMDH

Hizi vyakula ni za nchi gani?

:D:D:D:D:Dukizoea chapati mix baki pale pale

Wewe kwaza fika Village elder ndio tuweze kuelewana

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