Manju trying to visit every country in the world ashikwa makende India

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I have been following them on Instagram since they started their journey. Huyo dem hukua mrembo ajab.

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She is brave appearing on camera shortly after the act. Its traumatizing


India is a very dangerous country to beautiful women , afadhali nirisk maisha Kayole than walking on banks of river Ganges


Indian men are hony goats, very dangerous country people still take a dump on railway lines… and they kill women just bcuz.

Na vile kuna warembo wa kihindi banae huko kwao…

Nikifika india navaa kama kalasinga, naweka dot ya red kwa forehead na kujiita Sigh Patel, hapo naongea tu english na their funny accent while wobbling my head…natoka hapo kusaka hao mabinti

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There is something in their food that makes them very horny

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Kunakuwanga na class system huko. Hao waindi unasema warembo na light skin come from a higher caste. Those are the wealthy, bright ones, who engage in business and professional jobs. Alafu kuna hii majangili nyeusi. Those are said to be “cursed”. They form the low class of society. They are not learned, they shit in the streets, do undesirable jobs for meager pay, are poor and engage in all manner of atrocities. I bet the unfortunate lady was raped by that group.

Ni kama everywhere black skin ni mashida.

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Sikhs will kill you if they catch you looking at their women. Any woman called Kaur somebody ni moto wa kuotea mbali sana.

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…wahindi ni washenzi sana