Maniac Driver Kills 6 at Kinungi

Six people have died after a matatu and Canter lorry collided head on at Nyakairu along the notorious Kinungi stretch on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.
Ten other passengers sustained serious injuries in the Saturday evening crash and were rushed to the Naivasha Sub-County hospital where they are undergoing treatment.
A witness, Peter Kariuki, who at the scene, said the collision happened at around 8.50pm when the [SIZE=5]matatu driver attempted to overtake a convoy of vehicles.[/SIZE]

“The matatu driver headed towards Nairobi swerved to the right, crashing into a lorry coming from the opposite direction,” he explained.
Mr Kariuki described the scene as horrifying, with several people having been trapped inside the matatu, slowing down rescue efforts.

And while speaking to journalists, Naivasha Sub-County Deputy Police Commander John Kwasa confirmed that five people, including the lorry driver died on the spot.
“The matatu driver died while being rushed to the Naivasha-based healthy facility,” he said.
He, too, blamed the matatu driver for the night crash, saying he did not adhere to traffic rules while overtaking.
“Initial investigations indicate the matatu driver was at fault, occasioning the accident,” added Mr Kwasa.
A number of those rushed to the hospital, he stated, were in very critical condition.
The accident caused a huge traffic jam along the busy highway, with police having a hectic time while trying to ease the congestion.
Some of those interviewed called for building of a dual carriageway in area that has claimed many lives.
“We have lost so many lives and the only solution is the construction of a dual carriageway,” said Mr Kariuki.
The Kinungi stretch has been described as a blackspot.


Noma sana

Driving from Nanyuki to Nairobi two days ago, I witnessed the recklessness of these shuttle drivers.

They swerve in out of their lanes to overtake, and in tandem without regard to where their maneouvre will end. Many times you have to slam you brakes to let one back into line.

What happened to governors and passenger indignation? I would protest like hell!!

when will these deathtraps be banned in favor of proper passenger shuttles/buses, hio mabati imekatika katika ndio inamalizanga watu zaidi

thats just you, the rest of the pax would look at you with murderous glances and the most stupid will ask whats wrong with you “unataka nichelewe?”
when these bonobos overlap, we are mum, when they overtake recklessly we are mum, when accidents occur we ask the gava to make dual carriageways.
we are the problem.
may the fool rot in shit

I was there, less than ten minutes after the accident, and I tell you it was a horrific scene. The Matatu driver tried to “double overtake” as I would put. There was a slow moving vehicle on the climbing lane, and so is the second vehicle a little faster but slower than light commercials overtaking it, the Matatu driver didn’t wait for the second vehicle to finish overtaking and return to the climbing lane, but instead used the downward lane to “double overtake” the two vehicles and that’s how he met his fate taking it with other innocent lives.

Nmesoma hii reply mara nne na ya tano ndio nmepata what you’re trying to say. Pole kwa waathiriwa.

Yes, they always cross the solid yellow line to challenge vehicles hurtling downhill.

the reason i fear boarding matatus, you have no say of what happens unless nikushuka unataka

These matatus,worst is yet to happen.On downhill they use the climbing lane with impunity shining lights on the oncoming.

Panda basi za moyale, ikienda below 120 kutoka isiolo to marsabit hio kampuni inakosa market.

I blame the passengers of that matatu 100% pole kwa walioathiriwa

Halafu naona Matatu ni ya 2NK a few which still had some sanity left.

If it was at night most might have been asleep.

Basi za moyale & Isiolo 140 from Nanyuki to Chaka.

Isiolo to Marsabit - 140.

Without those speeds jamaa can’t go to Nairobi and return to Isiolo or Moyale in time.

2NK walijenga jina kitambo, now they allow any drunkard with a matatu to join their sacco. Passengers still believe it’s a safe company, kwanza za kwenda Nakuru huwa hazimalizi dakika tano bila kujaa. Sometimes 2 vehicles are booked in advance, so ikifika ni kungoja dakika kumi travelers waingie alafu inaanza safari tena.

Shit happens wueh!!!

Until they encounter a tyre burst, a stationary lorry, a wayward donkey or new bump. Then they never arrive in time.

In full glare of the one going downhill.JeeZ