Mangufuli economy.

Wakubwa hebu tazameni hii video mutoe maoni.
Mangufuli is a fraud.

no comment hpo.mambo ni motoo

Tuliona hapa

that guy talks sense, magufuli is fraud, just like Uhuruto, Jubilee’s idea of industrial development is Foreigners bringing their factories and paying kenyans peanuts, not promoting Local cottage industries to develop our technical capacity and fight poverty.

Foreign multi-nationals are a favorite for the jubilee decision makers because they are source of kickbacks.

We can’t stand this fraud anymore

Aaaaaah magufuli batunyariree gaki

These are the kind of MPs we need in Kenya.

This video has gone viral. Peter Msigwa better watch his back. Everyone else is dead or in exile for speaking out. Next megafools will switch off internet.

That bit that Tz hasn’t paid a cent to SGR contractor was not surprising. In 2 years since launch not a meter of track has been laid. They have only cleared Bush for 63 kms and done a few token works for media ie 1-2 pillars and some drainage. The surprise is that they can’t even buy diesel for machinery and contractor has scaled out of the site.

They are there.

Just a handful.

wako but they get compromised easily. The opposition MPs were very fierce, after handshake they all went mute.

You remember how some villagers here yapped how TZ wont require a loan to build SGR yet their GDP is cartoon.
Here we are now.

I knew it was just hype. They say one thing but not give technical plans and bill of quantities to proof it. Example is saying its cheap at $1.5 billion then its indicated its from Dar to Morogoro a distance of 100km. Its like Mombasa to Taveta. How is that helpful taking it to the middle of nowhere.

Hata Jicho Pevu.

Jicho pevu alijua siasa ni mchezo mbaya, aliambiwa na Murkommen pale Twitter akatusi Murkommen mbaya sana, hata miezi haikuisha akajionea mwenyewe. Siku hizi amekunja mkia hata hataki story za ODM na Raila tena. :smiley:

All countries borrow. Even some smart businesspeople don’t fund new ventures out of their pockets, they get funding from investors. if the venture goes bust the businessman has little to lose and experience to gain.

Hapa Kenya watu wanaishi kikenyakikenya nakwambia.
Ukikaa vibaya kitunguu haiwes nuka in context of being the man of the people.

So Magufuli has been lying to Tanzania people :oops: no wonder he has been terrorising bloggers and media outlets.


Naona bado watu hapa wanawank na machozi za waTanzania badala ya kushughulikia mashida zetu huku.

Our country has a bigger dick then.