Mangele what is a jargee station? Can you kindly explain?

@Guy004 @Mangele “jargee station” , what is that?

Also what does he mean when he says “barinthetically” ?



@Guy004 @slevyn





Guy talks like Boomhauer - King of the hills.

Ukiwa hapo Washington pliz ask on the behalf of trump supporters. When is he dying i cant withstand that senile fool? Democrat will be sent to political oblivion.

Yes. He is at that stage of dementia where the brain fires one good point followed by ten points of utter gibberish with a lot of smiling. Ile stage mnajua weh huyu mzee ameanza kutuacha.

I thought he was pretending or play-acting like some politicians usually do, but now I don’t think he is mentally fit to be in that office.

:D:D in that video on minute 0.45 anaonesha dunia his special credit card na hafai kuonesha dunia.

the man is the president… that means he has bigger balls than you… what achievement do you have ispokuwa useless rants on social media??

You have nothing original to say? Yaani umeiba reply zangu kwa @Amused live live? :D:D

Nilikuwa namwuuliza hilo swali umeuliza anaskia kuniua. You yourself @slevyn what achievements do you have to show except ypur bedsitter in Kamae and your cubicle in Seme Siaya.

All in all Republicans hatushambulii haka kamzee vile mlisumbua Trump with baseless allegations juu kako na mashida mingi sana. Sijui kama anapewa pills.

negro… i have a house, a beautiful wife, a ride, and two properties… wewe endelea osha wazungu kunyi

Like we always always say here on ktalk, [SIZE=5]bila proof BASI IT NEVER HAPPENED!!! [/SIZE]:D:D:D

Kamala Harris will take over. I think that was the democrats party intention from the word go.

Does this mean that:

  1. The bamboo never happened?
  2. The landslide win never happened? :smiley:

She will. She is a product of wokeness. She became vp not because of her talent or abilities or administrative aptitude. She became vp because some men thought she would provide good optics to the woke mob.

Her work so far speaks for itself as testament to her experience and dexterity - or lack thereof - in handling 2nd in command’s job.

Lest it be said it’s just right wing propaganda talking ill of her, here is king of the woke mob media forced to face the facts about this aspect of this administration. › 2021 › 07 › 02 › politics › kamala-harris-office-dynamics › index.html
2 July 2021The White House dove into damage control this week after reports of dysfunction and infighting in Vice President Kamala Harris’ office, with the administration trying to stop a drama-filled…

Mel Gibson, the one and only, is with us. We don’t need everyone.


Mel Gibson has always been a class act. He doesn’t follow the pretentious herd.

Biden is totally senile