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If questioned say its Kyrgitts Post

So here’s the breakdown of things…

When in Atwoli’s house despite flouting the law about crossing the border out of Nairobi, Murathe and team found out that things were slightly unfavourable. Their play was to take over Jubilee which has , by law, the largest funding, away from Ruto and edge him out.

Murathe said: “William Ruto Can have Jubilee”

Do you know why a Crisis meeting was held at Atwoli’s home?

Here is what you need to know…

  1. Certificate of Registration of Jubilee party is under the Custody of DP Ruto.

  2. During the formation of Jubilee , the party was jointly registered under two individuals named Simon Sigei and James Wachira being custodians of the party and holds the certificate in trust of President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP Ruto.

  3. On Sunday, David Murathe called for a crisis meeting between Raila Odinga, CS Eugine Wamalwa, Francis Atwoli, James Orengo and Junet Mohammed.

  4. During the meeting, David Murathe allegedly informed the other six that the ownership of Jubilee Certificate is under the custody of the Simion and Wachira.

  5. It was resolved that he ( Murathe) makes a phone call to Wachira to ask him who between the two had the party’s certificate.

  6. Shock and disappointment came as the answer after Wachira told them that he handed over the certificate to Mr. Sigei in December 2017 as was agreed between that Wachira will hold the certificate from 2013 -2017 and Sigei takes over the custody.

  7. After calling Sigei, he informed Murathe that the party’s certificate was now in the hands of the Deputy Party leader who is William Ruto.

This is why Moses Kuria was chest thumping because they know, once a PG is held, they’d edge out all the anti Ruto forces who incidentally, are largely non-elected members.

I’m not a Jubilee member, never been one, however, in a game of betrayal, common sense dictates that cheers go to the underdogs.

Our party ODM was cannibalised by Moi before he died and right now, it’s a Kanu wing. I pity a majority of followers who have no clue.

itabidi uzoee

In the runup to 2007, Kalonzo was left with a shell baada ya.kujaribu armtwisting Tinga. Could history be repeating itself? Unaona kuna MTU atawachwa na empty mshakwe after wanaume kutoa line zao?


He’s been stealing since Independence.

2002 it was the Narc. 2012 it was PNU. 2017 it was the Jubilee. Why stay glued to an empty certificate that you can photocopy or ask for a duplicate.

As in a paper certificate ndio inaleta shida hivi?


Pia mimi nashangaa

Yes. He started stealing right after birth