Mandonga Sugunyo

Mchapa kazi kavunjwa… :smiley:

Who has the full fight…Mandonga ni entertainer kwa mudomo tu :smiley:

254 should develop MMA…boxing iko sawa sasa…Kuna a lot of potential to headquarter a UFC like Afro franchise

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Established sports such as rugby and football have struggled to attract a paying audience in Kenya, what makes you think a relatively unknown discipline such as MMA can hack it? Disposable income ya kufanya hii maneno itatoka wapi?

Hata bei ya kiingilio ikiwa shilingi 20-50, utapatawapi ukumbi unaweza shikilia mashabiki laki moja kuenda juu?

1-1 isn’t something to brag about

Only as good as ure last rodeo

254 kunaweza kuwa na sold out MMA…locals irregardless…shida ni hakuna professionals yet…and west Africa gets the first dip…

Kama Sugunyo na Wanyoyi sell itout …imagine Izzy headliner, Ngannou na Kamaru Usman…doing a triple title…will sell out globally…Kenya would just need to market a big payout…and a fighter to boost next gen…254 can be bigger than Naija and Mzansi tukiwacha Ojinga…can’t be UFC as it has to be 254 made…most of our afro champions are way underpaid and would jump at a big promotion afro deal that would knock it all the way out…

But where will you get professional fighters. Most MMA guys are jiujitsu, wrestlers etc. Hao Omosh or Karis first body wa Kamuiru High school are not real fighters. Will give no entertainment to the crowd. The higher the competition level, the more payers you attract. It’s the reason why soccer and rugby struggle in Kenya. Low competition levels.

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U assume that Africans didn’t grapple and wrestle in their own ways for millennia…u assume jiujitsu or whatever is superior to hundreds of refined skills kwa ground…

Kuna content mob of many many African war styles sinayo for now…will check archives