Mandera floods and other north eastern region reality

Was reading a public backlash by arrogant kenyans on why mandera county government did not spend money in construction of dams to contain flood water. First of all they are water pans, not dams. some of the largest water pans built in these regions hold 100,000 cubic meters of water. one water pan cost at least 30 million shillings. Now let’s talk flood reality. one seasonal river on this rainy season carries a volume of over 1 million cubic meters per day. that is over 10 water pans fiiled in one day and that is just one seasonal river. water pans will help with water reservation but won’t really significantly help with the current floods. Even the seven forks dams aren’t helping with tana river floods control. in short a large intervention beyond county level is needed, particularly in diverting flood waters


Negro is yet to attain human status


things flood, it’s normal. it’s not the taxpayers job to fight nature. People need to stop thinking you can fight nature. Even america, which is extremely rich does not know how to fight seasonal flooding on the mississipi, the goal is to save lives, move poeple, and when the flooding stops, they can move back in. People are not planted with tap roots in a location. Wasongee maji bana


They must show initiative.

They should cease being hostile.

The government plans a series of dams on ewaso ngiro and dawa river but after integrating and Kenyanization of those places.


The government is always planning but don’t act. even tana river walisema wataeka mega dams 5 years ago

It’s a power/psychological game.By the time it starts the whole of north eastern will be patriotic including A minus man.

They will be composing patriotic songs like ‘kenya nchi yetu’

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