mandazi ya kesho pale MMNN


72?! Dude must have had the reflexes of a snail. Ferking hell.

Shiet yani imekuwa convertible

meria are you Jackson Njeru? coz what you post is what JN posts on BB


Why do you have to reveal his name?

Or maybe that nigga is taking @Meria Mata content or vice versa…

Yaani yko 72 years na unakunywa makali nakubeba passengers .

wazee wajinga kama @FieldMarshal CouchP

We need the SGR to Western like yesterday. Just the other day kuna county ili launch direct…25minute direct flights to n fro na we thought it was out of this universe

he can’t be i know JN he is family friend to some point i thought we were related,hana uswahili ya MM:D:D:D:D:D

So your nigga been stealing content from @Meria Mata for clout… By proxy una fines kadhaa


Ara! JaKuon is 75 and he still wants to drive Kenya .

It was actually a sad morning

Many regular travellers to Nyeri I have spoken to aren’t very enthusiastic about the idea coz of the logistics involved.
1.You need to go to Wilson to board the flight, that’s extra expenses and time involved to and fro.
2.You land far away in Mweiga and you need again to arrange for further transport to Nyeri town and back to the airstrip. More money and time involved.
So unless you are a government functionary with the logistics arranged for you both sides it’s a throw for ordinary folks.

Its not for ordinary folks!

:DI dont know his name but I am sure he is not JN. Lakini, what is the point of using a handles if people would go about calling each by their real names up in here? Kiatu wewe.:smiley:

Hahahaha ilikua tu swali wadau

Mischieth BB ni kusema black book ama ni nini?

Chiethfu, BB ni Buyers Beware. A group pale Fb yakuanika Cons mostly

You are being @MISCHIEF ious…