Kweli ni Homewrecker edition!

Let us set the record straight.
Marauding reach cougar.
Let me park here and read this fuckery.

True.Daktari survived the pinkie offensive only cus he gives the village free health consultancies. We stood by his "harmless " humor.


Wapatie kitabu cha harambee wachangie a project of your choice!

Si tuliambiwa hio gari ni ya ken!


Unanim-ass decision…tools of trade…

:D:D:D:D:D:D Sweeps galore! :D:D:D

nataka reach cougar, niko well loaded hukooo harafu threshold tutkuwa tunafika kila siku, lakini you have to take care of my need too. njoo inbox

Wewe ndio ken? :D:D
Upusu ya khapipi hio.

Shhh! Don’t shout. :D:D:D:D:D:D

That “slot” is being filled up very nicely at the moment.
Wewe si ulisema hupendi avocado?
My thresholds go hand in hand with food. Uliza tu.:D:D

:D:D:D yaani unaniita watchman,ni sawa tu

:D:D:D Soja basi.


jaber si mimi unajua our ancestors forbade us from adding avocado to omena. Walisema whoever will do that their dick will shrink down to 1 inch

Kuna pink handle alianzisha cat fight na @pseudonym so I put 2+2 nikapta 6 nikaona that must be bibi ya @Meria Mata

That was one of knock knees group of handles

rink to that pussyfight

Wacha nitafute saa huu huu

Eti, “the man who identified himself as culture said that he was on his way to saficha mecho in kericho hotel when he stumbled and fell near a woman who was buying groceries…” reminds me of another Arab tycoon accused of raping a woman and in his own defence, he said that he accidentally fell on the woman lying on a coach and penetrated her…hahahaha
Good stuff @Some Say