My opinion; Jowie did not count on the crime being discovered within hours. He was hoping it would take days or even weeks, by which time it would have been difficult to pinpoint with accuracy the time of death. Most likely, the unenthusiastic investigators would have estimated the time of death to be after Jowie had been admitted to a hospital, something that would have ruled him out as a suspect. The best alibi after committing a crime is to book yourself into a hospital or a police station for a small crime.

The Weekly Citizen has a headline calling Tv presenters glorified prostitutes.
Did Nyakundi write the headline for them?

@pamba ,can there be ricochet without an exit wound? Because if the bullet exited the body he should not have his arm,shoulder blade should be blown out, I suspect you people are looking for a leak and feeding us meffi.

hasara tupu

I used to crush on kirigo ngarwa big time

The owner is a very notorious extortionist, he has been doing it for about 20 years.

picha muhumu[ATTACH=full]197428[/ATTACH]

Sawa nimekubali mkubwa ni muhumu.

They are protestants to be sure but isn’t this going to be ruled as slander kwanza these days that we have female judges who really are gender activists?