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Ndindi Nyoro… What’s your take on this succession story?

he is a rising star, someone to watch. might very well succeed Nabii

Si ati na support Gachagua but mtu aambie Ndindi Nyoro hakuna vile tasa anaweza lead a community.Awachane na hiyo ambition
Tathaaa ni nuume

What the mainstream media won’t tell you. There is good progress in the fight against cattle rustling and Banditry…


Where do they get the guns and ammunition from?

More so the ammo?

Waana mutheri !

Weird. Just saw this on morning TV.

but after operation kazi inaendelea.
10 more firearms were Sunday recovered in two separate parts in Samburu County in an ongoing security operation in the region.

Police said the weapons were surrendered by locals who heed a plea from the government to give them out in an amnesty programme.

Police spokesperson Resla Onyango said one of the weapons - a G3 rifle and two empty magazines - were found in Kirisia forest.

Also recovered was a Federal Riot gun, said Dr Onyango.

She added the recoveries were made Sunday.

Eight other weapons which included six AK47 rifles and the Carribean were recovered in the same area with 19 rounds of ammunition.

This brings to 19, the number of weapons so far recovered in the exercise in the region.

Even though small in numbers and below expectations, officials said they will continue to urge those holding illegal weapons to surrender them amid ongoing operation.

10 more firearms recovered in Samburu as security operation gets underway

as general humel put it…kenya needs to burn and start afresh

Wercome back

Carbine not Caribbean.

I thought operation iko huko kwa pokot not samburu? Pokot wamesalenda ngapi?