Mandago amerudisha Mkono

Langas iko locked

nyege nikunyegezana ama …

muhimu. and if he happens to win, he may need some quorum in the county assembly.

Hehehe Ktalk is a jubilee propaganda tool but it amazes me how two nasa supporters are putting the Jubilee"IT SPECIALISTS" on their toes…

Exactly, many governor will have it hard to govern !

Wewe ni ule msee hata hukua unajua kapsabet and mosoriot ni neighbouring county yet unatuonyesha molars hapa. Siwes piga siasa na wewe

I’ve never liked that Mandago. Anabahati sipigi kura huko.

@Budspencer we are friends in another universe, so, cool it and take it with a pinch of salt. Napenda kupima watu limits, I hope the elasticity of your endurance haiko chini saaaana.

:D:D:D:D:D, siasa ni karata wallahi.

NASA simply endorsed the opposite candidate with no regards to his policies, just the fact that he is anti-Jubilee. Politics imeoza hii nchi yetu.

Na alisema tukae truly pamoja wengine wakajivuna na wakaringa. Ona sasa.

We fought our way here for our right to he hard and it was never easy…
In the early days of Ktalk, Cord reigned Supreme and the mods never bothered to hide their bias here but I wouldn’t expect a newbie to know that, would you?

Pussy face nigga!!! you must be very idle you can actually fight for rights on a social media platform where you are anonymous… Thick Nigga!!!

I fight everywhere and anywhere, anytime.
Now bugger off!

Vote Nasa and you will get something to do. I will make you head of one of the many Silicon savannas.

I have no time for your Rasa boolshiet and I don’t need to look for anything to do.

Not surprising buy Very disappointing of NASA.