Manchester united

Walloped like a burukenge 2 nil by the team at the very bottom of the league.

They where outshone outplayed outkila kitu .

But juzi tu mumechapa man city na Tottenham .

Sijui nikule Bata hii Krisi…

And how is your team arsenal performing? :D:D:D

Penda sana Watford

Manchester is unpredictable team, completely unreliable

Problem with them is they are setup as a counterattacking team which works well when they play against big teams coz they can allow the big team to have possession but when they face small teams they have to have possession and they don’t have players who can utilize the possession that’s why they are beaten by small teams but perform better against big team.

So who is to blame , mi naona coach

Not the coach. I think he needs more time to bring in better midfielders and strikers who break down smaller teams.

Hakuna coach anaweza kuja kwa team na season moja afanye miracles. Ata Ferguson akirudi Man utd saa hii sidhani anaweza shindana na Liverpool na Man City na hao current average Man utd players.

Even Jurgen Kopp took 3 seasons to get Liverpool where they are right now.

But then again, the manager is to blame. Why let De Gea play after weeks of inconsistency when there is very good number 2 goalkeeper? Hiyo bao ya kwanza mtu kama Ferguson angeweka De Gea bench mpaka apate adabu.


Watu wa Arsenal, Man U, Chelsea na Totte tunyamaze tu miaka mbili tatu hivi. Tumepitwa na wakati.

Even Blackburn, leeds said the same some time back.

That keeper number two wa manu deserves to be playing in a top two team in England or Spain . sijui mbona amenyamazia bench. Ask for a transfer

EPL is hard manze…sijui mbona liverpool are winning almost every match

relax ucheki… liverpool watakua invincibles hii season. first leg inaisha hii wiki and they havent lost a single game; they only drew with united otherwise ingekua 19/19 wins. second leg watu wanasema itakua ngumu but we know how it goes; mshindi ujulikana 1st leg

Championship is even harder

Unbeaten itakuwa ngumu ndugu .

My reason is your defense is among the useless ones Kwa ligi , so noooo , your attack is what has been bailing out your defense .

Score 2 we score 4

I don’t know what’s wrong with Team Liverpool after all date 26 Dec.

Mjuaji. Alisson has received the least number of shots this season. If liverpool defence is terrible, I dontknow what I will say about Arsenal with Leno saving the highest number of shots