Manchester United has the most Shitty board

Woodward is good in financial management but not football. You may have to bring David Gill back. Man U is finished. We Chelsea are better


tukiangalia stats za last season Premier League First Team Club Statistics, Team & Player Stats

here are United’s assist numbers


Now lets compare to city or Liverpool


Mane and Salah are able to bang in goals from their wings because they have Robbo and Trent assisting them. Robbo and Trent have the freedom to overlap and provide assists because Van dijk and his Matip plus the mid of Fabinho and Henderson are able to defend properly while Milner/Shaqiri/Wijnaldum are also able to create chances from the mid and score when needed

City mostly uses their mids for attack since their only attack minded fullback Mendy is always nursing injuries. They have a solid defence plus Fernandinho in mid or sometimes gundogan. then you have KDB and Silva who easily create chances for the team. Same as tottenham

Manchester united lacks all of these. One position that they have fixed is the right-back by buying Wan Bisaka, we also have Dalot as an alternative. They need a left-back alternative for Shaw who is not that consistent, young can be a backup but only if we have a solid CB. We really need a centre back to pair with Lindelof hence a reason to have Maguire. Tuanzebe can be kept as Back for that position since Baily is injury prone

For mid a new Defensive mid since Matic has been kinda slow in these preseason games. We also need an Attacking mid so hello Bruno Fernandes. Fred, Gomes, Garnier, McTominay and Perreira can be backups used in small cups.

All our 4 attackers can easily bang 20+ goals every season if those issues are fixed

Let’s get real here bana.
XG compares a players ability to finish a clear cut chance and o1United forwards have almost the lowest XG in the top tier teams. Lol. Which means head to head they are the most wasteful and have the least ability to complete chances. Even their XA is probably the lowest if you compare the top 3 teams. Compared on individual ability alone, they are far below par with Liverpool and Man City. Martial is pretty washed up, Rashford is overhyped, Lukaku is out of his depth and wanted a move to Italy and Sanchez has major confidence issues and is plain washed up.

Head to head for ability, finishing, speed, football IQ etc.

Sterling is ahead of Martial and Sanchez, Aguero is miles ahead of Rashford it’s even a joke to compare the two. Lol. Sane is even a better player than your picks Sanchez and Martial. Lukaku can easily be compared to Gabriel Jesus since both are tap in experts and wasteful as hell yet Jesus is an Aguero standin and Lukaku is up there with creme de la creme of United players like Pogba

I mean who can you compare with Salah on that team. Or you want to compare Martial to Mane or Rashford to Firmino…lol

My fren, teams don’t play the same system. Not all systems for instance encourage overlaping fullbacks like Liverpool’s.
Wan Bissaka will be no where near Liverpool’s fullback’s assist numbers.

“All our 4 attackers can easily bang 20+ goals every season if those issues are fixed.”:D:D

I clearly outlined Man_untds Problems and why the attackers cant score. I wasn’t comparing who is better unless hujui kusoma. I also talked of how the team can improve. If the areas I mentioned were improved then we can wait till Dec to see if I was right based on the perfomance


Man u is dead thats what i beleive. The build up will be slow and painfull to fans

Khasia wachana na mambo ya Manchester okombee. Wewe endelea na kazi yako ya kuuza mitharigo na surwa.

Woodward should have hired a proper football man to chase targets and do the negotiations, mtu kama Van Der Sar, someone who understands why a manager needs his most crucial signing in time for preseason. Alafu they have such a small list of targets clubs are exploiting the lack of alternatives to milk them dry, Maguire is worth £60M max but if Leicester know he is your ownly target they expoit that to earn as much as possible.

Woodward must relinquish control of the football side for the team to flourish, he isnt cut for it.

I am arab. And we own man city

exactly! He is busy making signings who can only help with shirt sales yet he knows nothing about football. Sponsors will not be there forever when the club cant perform and win trophies. Several former players like Berbatov, Ferdinand etc have offered themselves for that role but he thinks he knows best