Manchester. ;@Field Marshall et al:, why the British are Great.....

I keenly read the thread below by @FieldMarshal CouchP on last night’s attack on juveniles and their parents at a concert in Manchester where he did all but rubber stamp the cowardly act that transpired less than 24 hours ago as something that the “Colonialist British” should accept as a consequence for all the troubles they have “imported” over the years with the aim of enriching the Great Empire!

True to some extent but False on many other fronts!

More than 50 years after the Evil Brits handed over independence to black Kenyans, you still can’t grow enough to feed your own!
More than 50 years since the Evil Brits handed you back self governance, educated some of your own in the ways of the future of the world, you still want to blame your own corrupt and self serving leadership on the British Colonialist!

When are you Niggers going to start taking responsibility for your own corrupt and selfish ways?..
When are you as an individual going to realise that chucking rubbish on the street may cause waterways and drainage systems to be blocked in heavy rains?!!!
Why bother going to university when being learned doesn’t Educate you enough to know that you are Responsible for your own actions!!!
How long can you as a race be excused for Continually blaming the crimes that befell your ancestors hundreds of years ago as a consequence of who you are today?

The same cunts who as waiters rush to serve junguz before your own in big hotels?
The same Learned fools with PHDs in Engineering and Chemistry yet who couldn’t be bothered to explore and find oil in your own backyard!
And don’t give me that crap about investors when hollow head wealthy cunts like Kirubi would rather buy a plane than invest in Local talent…

The list is endless…?
You only get exploited because you deserve to be exploited!

@FieldMarshal CouchP , your ideology is one for Loosers.

Every great Nation is built on hard work and cohesion!
Everything else is Bull crap!!!

before the evil mzungu came to destabilize our social and economic systems we did not lack food!

You have had 50 years to correct that but it’s always easier to blame than stand up and be counted!
How has the mzungu got in the way of rebuilding those Socioeconomic structures in the last 50 years?
The first step is accepting that you have failed!!!
Not Continually acting the victim!
Nothing more pathetic than being a “victim”!..


You’re an idiot @Ka-Buda. Do you know how this mzungu has continued to make life hard for Africans? If you did anything other than drive a lorry and listen to day time mzungu radio and BBC world service you will know that Africans are disadvantaged from get go. Read more about FIPA (Foreign Investment Protection and Promotion and Agreements) and World Bank and IMF work in 3rd world countries.

The first thing they portray is that Africans don’t know how to manage themselves. Secondly, we are corrupt. There is as much corruption there as it is here and furthermore, wazungu corruption knows no borders.

As gashwin said, before all this we had social and economic systems that worked. Anyone that went against imperialism was killed. Lumumba, Sankara, Nkrumah and that’s just here at home. And these are stories of 80s.

Let me reiterate. Stick to what you know.

@Ka-Buda hayo yote tisa. La kumi ni kuwa miaka hamsini baada ya mbeberu kuondoka uliona ni vizuri ama iko haja umfuate kwake ndo uendelee kumuenzi na kuiba sifa zake… Haidhuru,kila nyani na starehe zake

I like being on the winner’s side!.. kikikikkkk…
Nyinyi endeni kwenye debe August mmpeni Kura zenu Sonko na Joho!
And then keep bitching about lack of maendeleo until 2022.

But Niggaz just don’t know!..

Are you sure Gachui?

Maybe these niggaz know something that you don’t…
Hiyo ya winning side naomba kutokubaliana na wewe… Sifikirii Waweru na tumnyanye uliowafikishia threashold ni ushindi wowote. But what do I know?

Oh yeah!..
And it is written in Stone that we can’t do anything about it!
Even when we have the power of devolution , etc…
We have to blame the mzungu because we value corruption above the Rule of Law !
We even hate each other so much that we use our positions of power to get served rather than to offer services to our fellow citizens!
And that’sthe difference between us and the wazunguz!

Take it or leave it but what @Ka-Buda has stated is true. We are full of excuses. We have the resources but we buy consumables like fools. What the likes of Kirubi does is exactly what the govt does. Rather than promote mobius and give them the challenge/tender to create a custom made vehicle for our police, we buy ready made fully japanese made landcruisers. Rather than buy communication gadgets for out police, we procure useless sticks for them to swing in their hands as a show of rank. Stupid!!!

This is done the world over, not just in Kenya. First world countries as I’ve said do worse just that you won’t see it in the international news. I don’t know whether Mobius is more reliable than a land cruiser so get a better example.

Kabuda usually uses such opportunities as one presented by couchwaru to write the same thing every time. Ask him how many toilets he has built to improve his village and then we can discuss.

At face value, your article post appears factual.
But go research on things like subsidies, non-tariff barriers, behind the scenes “diplomacy” et al and then come back with a redone post.
If for one minute you think these guys are here for altruistic reasons you are dead wrong.

I grow Mianga, ikwa, and banana’s and macodofia. I teach my youngin’s to respect the same.

I can’t brag about how many toilets I’ve built!..
My aim is to turn the tide in the mentality of you ignorant Kenyans who think that being Lazy and living in hope will get you by!..

Junguz are the most hardworking people on earth. And their biggest motivation is serving each other and Country.

Took me over 20 years to work that one out!..

I believe Kenyans are brilliant but we are not confident in our own skin. Granted, there’s a huge stigma of being black. Wale watu wanaishi majuu can attest to this. Wazungu wanajua sana kupiga mtu vita ya baridi (cold war)…especially if you act like you know what you’re doing!! They feel so threatened. Self awareness, self knowledge and self-love will emancipate us from the shackles of white supremacy.

CouchP argued that terrorism in British cities can be attributed to their continuous aggression towards other world peoples and cultures. He gave examples: Libya, syria, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. I would add that British killed Tasmanian Aborigines to EXTINCTION. Terror, even on your enemies or former colonialists, should never be supported though.Terror on children is an abomination

How many countries make their own cars, even in europe?

It’s interesting that the same characters that complaining about beberus here are the same ones who support leaders that are selling the country for a song.