Man with half a head

One lucky bastard!
Carlos ‘Halfy’ Rodriguez, who also goes by the name Sosa, lost a large portion of his brain and skull in a crash after flying through his car’s windscreen and landing head-first on the road
Doctors were forced to cut away large amounts of flesh and bone to help him survive and he has since been able to continue his life in Miami, Florida.
Mr Rodriguez shot to fame two years ago after he was was arrested for allegedly soliciting prostitution. Miami Police had problems with their paperwork and his forms contained no name and simply the description ‘half a head’


Sosa kweli, wanaelewa lakini hii story nliskia time ya unix epoch.

Sasa kukinyesha a pool of water hucollect kwa kichwa. Na si brain yote hufanya kazi it seems.

Fafanua tafasari

:D:D:D:D Apparently even before the accident, not all of his brain was properly functioning


Hehe, si mujamaa uko na ujinga

I bet huu msee hawezi nishinda tukipigana hedi :D:D

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Going about life with half a brain is nothing unusual, log in to Facebook and there’s all the proof you need.

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I think the picture is edited to exaggerate

Its not unusual coz we rarely use the whole of our brain at the same time.