Man who stepped up appreciated by his step child's dad on this Father's day


Foolish Twitter clout chasers with their fake stories.

Kesho nahamisha io toto jinga ya singomatha hadi kona mbaya DEB, ghasia wamenikosea heshima banae


:D:Di thought kazi ni kunyonga sokwe na hauna baggage as per mgtow prescription

For All The Anonymous Dads Out There…

[I]Over the last ten years that she has been married, Perpetual Kathambi’s marriage has been the envy of many. Perpetual and her husband David are seen as the perfect couple by many people. They love each other and have three beautiful children – two girls and a boy – and a pet dog named Whisky. They are also professed and baptized Christians with a beautiful home in the Kileleshwa area in Nairobi. But Perpetual, who works as a pharmacist at a city hospital, has been keeping a secret that could tear her marriage apart if it ever finds the light of day. “I had my third child out of wedlock,” says Perpetual. She had not entirely intended to get a child outside her marriage. Her union was in a bad season. “We were arguing a lot. Our intimacy levels were non-existent,” she explains.

Two years ago at an evening party for one of her friends the ultimate temptation presented itself. “I was drinking and I was excited. I felt free. One drink led to another, and I found myself dancing with this guy,” she says. “He was handsome, taller, and with broader shoulders than my husband. He had too much masculinity. He turned me on.” Perpetual ended up sleeping with him. It was not too hard for her to pass the lie on to her husband. “I ensured that we were intimate,” she says. Two years down the line, perpetual says that her third born son is taking after his biological father. “He seems domineering and fun to be around with.” Perpetual has come to be at peace with her child and the betrayal. “He’s a beautiful child. I don’t regret having him but I can’t disclose his paternity to my husband. I don’t want to destroy my marriage,” she says.
Data from paternity testing centers indicate that more men are raising offspring that they didn’t sire in their relationships. Paternity testing data from DNA Testing Services reveals that at least 30 percent of Kenyan men who walk into their center to verify paternity end up not being the biological fathers of the children they are raising.[/I]
Happy Dads Day To You Too.

Not fake

This one could be a hekaya but were a census of betas and simps to be conducted today, the number would shock the hell out of you. Never underestimate the extent of human stupidity. It is infinite.

hapa ninakuanga na swali kwa wale wasee wa self improvement

once you stop being beta, does that change your genes too? ama the simp you killed gets manifested in the form of your offspring and they have to undergo self improvement too? or do you sire wolves once you become the man? seems like it’s the former more than the latter


Men are simps by default. The human race could not survive if men were not simps by default. Men are by default rough with each other and soft on kids and women, is why you will not see women getting lynched on the streets. And if you do see it, they will have lynched 100 more men before they lynch one woman. Being a badass to women is unnatural, something men are trying very hard to teach themselves. It is an adaptation to help them cope with the modern woman.

Betamale and ilk is a mentality. You get rid of it… you kniw how it goes.


The only constant is change bro, it’s true that men are still playing along to the manly role assigned to them by a manipulative society.

Thanks to social media the cracks are showing and more and more unions collapse in on themselves, sooner or later that model will not survive the Aquarian age.

Darwinism is the default stage, and thanks to the hijacked feminist movement this will come to pass sooner than anticipated.

Niaje muchamaa kwa githurai hills? Bedsitter yako iliacha kunyesha?

Sijaiuliza, lakini ulido fiti kukam through na tampons.

Wanawake ni kusaidiana au sivyo siz?