Man who slept with 6000 playboy women dies during intimacy .

Kuna wanaume wanajua kuandika historia kweli .

[SIZE=7]6,000 women dies during intimacy[/SIZE][B]Italian playboy Maurizio Zanfanti has died aged 63[/B]
A famous Italian playboy who slept with thousands of women has died aged 63 while having sex with a 23-year-old tourist, it is reported.
Maurizio Zanfanti, dubbed the ‘Romeo of Rimini’, was getting intimate with the woman when he had a heart attack, according to local media.

Realising something was seriously wrong, the Romanian tourist alerted the emergency services, but the nightclub manager could not be saved.
Also known as ‘Zanza’, he died on Tuesday night “after doing what he did best - loving women”, the Italian newspaper Il Resto Del Carlino reported.
Zanfanti, who is rumoured to have bedded more than 6,000 women in his lifetime, had reportedly known the tourist for a couple of years.
In the moments before he fell ill, he was having sex with the woman in a car in Via Pradella, Rimini, in the country’s Emilia-Romagna region.
Some reports claim the tourist was getting dressed when Zanfanti’s illness became apparent, prompting her to alert the medical services.
Paramedics rushed to the scene, but the playboy passed away.[B]The nightclub manager rose to fame in the 1970s[/B]
Zanfanti, who rose to fame promoting the nightclub Blow Up in the 1970s, once claimed to have sex with up to 200 women a summer.
He said he loved each and every one of them. Throughout the years, a number of women have alleged to have had children with him.
Pictures show the playboy ‘king’ - whose final interview was with the German newspaper BILD in 2014 - posing with different women at venues.
He previously claimed to have never been to a gym.
“But I did a lot of gymnastics on beds,” he laughed.
He also described how he would receive visits from former lovers - some married - adding that even their daughters “want to see me”.

Ni story gani hasa waangazia?

Hii hekaya iko na nonsense kadhaa…nkt pereka vitu ya kardashians na hii udaku twirrah

Ati he died doing what he loved most ! Loving women!

Isorait. RIP. When I grow up I want to be like him. Otherwise wa henga wakwetu walisema kifaa cha kazi humalizikia kazini.

get real
maybe if he paid for it
paying is illegal btw
ama ni buda wa ule mzungu wa AFT alipita na mapoko 100 wakenya pale XVs
sasa naona alihama south america latino’s next 100

Ric Flair has bedded an estimated 10000 women

Must be California.

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May His Soul Rest in pussy

Sounds like the little Blue Pill has claimed another victim …
At least he will be sharing laughs and experiences with Mutula Kilonzo …

No offence but a prominent prophet also died on top of a pussy

moha? Puthi be upon him

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Our own Akuku Danger had better scores…

Hehe… he literally “came and went to heaven”


6000 women in forry something years, thats roughly 150 women a year. Hio body count ni ndogo sana