Man Utd unwittingly announces signing of Henrikh Mkhitaryan by placing his kit on sale

1st Team
…De Gea

2nd Team

3rd Team
…Sam Johnstone
…Joe Rothwell-FosuMensah

Zlatan cannot play as a 9,Rooney will have to play as creative mid no.8

Exactly as i have done up there. Zlatan is the striker center forward. Rooney plays the attacking midfielder which Sir Bobby Charlton predicted 9 years ago.


Now that is a forward line that excites and is full of goals. Our Bench too is equally strong and experienced.

team haziko champions league wasisumbuane hizi streets…kaeni pale------------------------->

Team ambazo wajawai shinda Champions league ndio mdomo mingi…Mchukuwe certificate of participation again mapema kama kawaida.

Chief what I mean is…zlatan is not your typical CF the guy plays as a 10 he drops back to the a.m position whenever he is playing,same case with Rooney he doesn’t have the creativity to play as a no 10 so he will play as a 8 in the midfield position
this us what I mean

 schneiderlin - Rooney

mikhitaryan - zlatan - depay
martial interchanges with memphis depending on the opponent

hamkuuza taste-my-elbow fellaini?

Ok, Remember Mourinho is our manager and he is never going to play Rooney at Central Midfield. What is even worrying me more is the Pogba rumors.

nyinyi kawaida exit yenu ni round of 16 ata hakuna difference ya arsenal kukuwa cl ama kukosa,it’s all the same

Nope and he wouldn’t be sold. Mourinho called all Man Utd squad individually and told them they all have a chance next season to improve and play. If it wasn’t for Fellaini form in the 2nd half we wouldn’t have recovered from the slump and challenge unsuccessfully for the top 4. He also took us to win the FA Cup with goals in the 1/4’s, semis and assist in the final. He need to try and control how he throws his hand when he competes but Jose has always preferred an all action player than a dull one.

Pogba is holding out for Madrid,if the transfer doesn’t happen he will come to united that am sure…Rooney just needs a hardworking holding mid and fully capable fullbacks for him to pull it in midfield,personally if I was mourinho I’d have gone for kante and krychowiak instead of pogba

Pogba naona akielekea real Madrid

fellaini is your typical mourinho player haezi uzwa

Woi so Rashford atakuwa bench warmer vile mkhitaryan na zlatan wanakuja

“I’d have gone for kante and krychowiak instead of pogba” Hapo sawa but i have a feeling this Leicester players are just playing mind games with their Chairman to get pay rise. Hakuna mahali wataenda now maybe next season.

like the spin:D:D:D:D:D

We can’t really tell…let’s wait and see,kante may be the real deal

Rashford is only 18 years, let him learn from the master Zlatan and come as a sub. Besides Zlatan has just signed for a year free transfer with his salary at £220,000 a week. Man Utd Executive Vice Chairman Ed Woodward must be laughing all the way to the bank. Martial shirts sales last season earned Man Utd £40 million now imagine Zlatan. The funds we will miss getting from Champions League has been settled with the signing of this one player.

for the united funs

Now this is a signing that worries me as a gunner, izo za ibra ni wasted bullets

uyu jamaa ni mnoma