Look our kits for next season. [ATTACH=full]298149[/ATTACH]

The one on the right is burning my eyes

The one in the middle isn’t too bad

Msoto na ata hamjanunua player wa 100m :smiley:

The kit in the middle iko sawa.
I assume the one on the right is for unfair advantage/hypnosis
The one on the left is rubbish

It is an optical illusion

Yours and who?
Armchair fans never cease to surprise me.

Circle dot unakaa @Mtu wa pizza njoo tukule pizza na soda

The team will continue to be in the local scene until the league is rebrand
expect Liverpool ,man city ,Chelsea , Tottenham , Arsenal and some other small team to dominante the local scene on the international scene i expect man United to start or continue winning silver

Heeeee…wanavaa vitenge nowadays?

:smiley: spot on… Bora isihypnotise mpaka his own playmaker fernandes