Man United

Manchester United is currently a disjointed club with Mourinho at odds with some players and the hierarchy. Majority of the fans are #MourinhoOut but is sacking a wise decision?

Weekend Lukaku anacheza defence na Luke Shaw ndie striker…

Napitia tu

I think it is somewhat right, a new manager brings new energy, new morale, new tactics and a different mood. For example sisi kama CHELSEA team kubwa, we are doing good with SARRI

LOL:D:D:D:D:D:D:Dlets tag them all

Mourinho is a very petty individual…akwende

Iko ka lwimbo dedicated to man u after defeat by a small team

Sasa kama Ligi wanagusa ivo, na UEFA ikianza si watapigwa group stages

Shida sio Mourinho. Shida ni Woodward. Borinho has always played negative football but surprisingly has won a ton of trophies. Since Man U are the ones who approached Mourinho, they should provide the players. Akina Lukaku na Pogba were more of Woodward buys rather than Mourinho’s

Morinho Out. Thread closed.

:D:D kiatu ya watu wa mashida

Watu waache kelele Mourinho is staying, the wins are coming.

Mourihno is his own worst enemy,he keeps attacking his own players and loses his dressing room. he should be gone.

shitty punditry…