Man Talk - FIRE question

Someone just asked me this question - how much money do you need to retire in Kenya?

My answer: It depends on the quality/cost of life you’d want to retire into, and what your plans are during retirement…e.g travelling alot etc.

However, that question really got me thinking.

Got you thinking about what

Depends on your lifestyle. And are you retiring in shags. It’s a lot cheaper there.
Me I will retire traveling the world. So I need a couple of million a year minimum.

So, it looks like you answered a question without thinking…

Or that I continued thinking even after answering it.

What is retiring? There is no worse feeling like idleness. I would imagine having a dairy or beef farm would be ideal so that you are still making something on the side and are engaging your mind.

Brownskin @Mzee mzima you are too young to be thinking about retirement. Uza mtumba zaidi and remember to save tutaretire maldives pamoja chips and guarana daily

wengi wetu tunataka kuenda retire Singapore tucheze golf na Kim kandarshian kama umevaa Hermes from head to toe.
heri kukula rice na cabbage kwa meza ya wire mesh.

Mbona unapiga mzee Gashwin RKO :D:D

Retirement isn’t synonymous with idleness bruh. Playing golf isn’t exactly being idle, is it? Travelling isn’t idleness. Retiring means working only when you feel like, not because you have to.

That is not the point. You will not play golf everyday, will you? You will not travel daily? If you are not growing in a particular way, trust me you will get bored.

That is the nature of the male species. If you still have strength in your body, try and build something for your kids that you will them once you leave this earth as you enjoy your travels and golf.

yaani unambia brownie you’re single and available?

I said “Retiring means working when you feel like, not because you have to”. Obviously, if you feel idle at any point you will want to do something productive. You should have read the entire statement.

The difference between a retired person and and one who hasn’t, in my opinion, is choice. The retired person chooses if, when and what to work on. The one who isn’t retired must work, and often he doesn’t have the choice on what task to do and when.

For a comfortable life above most local issues, say 250k per month. Multiply that by the number of months you anticipate to stay alive.

Moses tanui retired from running saa hizi anacheza golf professionally.

Maybe somebody can transform hobby yake iwe kazi

heri hio. a cheaper alternative

In retirement,do what you love that doesn’t really have get you paid but gives you peace of mind…and can give back positively to society

I did some research. Kenya has 8600 dollar millionaires. So, I assume that today, you need a million USD to retire fully in Kenya and live affluently.

Hehhehe this forum will finish me one day

You can never retire and live comfortably bila financial investments. Either ukuwe na biashara ama shares, mutual funds e.t.c enough for your lifestyle.

No matter how much you have ukiretire Kama hazizai zitaisha. You have inflation, emergencies, unforseen circumstances, lifestyle changes and demands e.t.c that can take you down.

I saw something online though sijachunguza poa. Wanaita FI/RE ( financial independence/retire early) maybe it can help you out in making your goals