man shot dead in siaya demo

[ATTACH=full]41298[/ATTACH] siaya

wacha aende akiendanga

What goes round, comes around

Huyu ame doze wacha kutupima, hakuna damu

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Kile kitu alikuwa anatafuta every Monday.

Apparently eti he fell from a tree

Now all we need is for Robert Alai to baptize the late martyr Macharia from Ngarariga, then JaKuon hires a chopper to tour all 47 states with the coffin and some passengers hanging on the skids, and the revolution is complete!

Mbona hakuna kiatu imetoka?

If you don’t regard your life highly it will be taken away from you.

Sijaona posting about youths in Bungoma. They refused the 100shs inducement to demonstrate against iebc.