Man shoots his baby mommas new girlfriend at his kid's birthday bash

It’s hard for a man to be replaced by a woman but frankly speaking these black Americans are too trigger happy, how do you go to shoot people at your child’s birthday bash.

Who will save the black communities of Bidenstan? The relationship-based violence is just too much

They frustrated. Imagine as a man you can’t get a job, then your wife leaves you not for another man but for a damn woman. Trust me you’d kill someone too. They don’t care about anything anymore. Their life has already gone to shit.

The trouble with America is that there is a very loose sense of family. The gradual destruction of the black family is the root cause of most social ills. There are no real family ties, so people don’t feel deeply connected to anyone. Life is highly individualistic: they’ll meet for Thanksgiving, for example, but everyone is otherwise so busy no one knows or cares how the brother or sister is doing. Siblings can stay for years without meeting. Maybe a phone call, once a year, or even in 3 or 5 years. So basically, everyone is alone. We know how heavy it can be to carry the weight of the world alone. You can imagine when living in Africa, it still matters to most people what people who know them think of their actions–but I know we’re losing that too. Out there, it’s all about me, everyone else can go f__ themselves. No wonder people don’t hesitate to kill over the slightest arguments. Those guys can kill you for $5. Go figure what goes on in such a mind.

True Dat. At my age when I see people like socialites going rogue the first thing I think of is what my parents and extended family would think about me if I did that. There nobody cares about what anyone thinks of them. It’s all about the money. I still worry about what my parents would think of me before I do anything and it’s stopped me from making a lot of bad decisions.

Life in the US is very lonely, I follow a guy on FB live showing us his life in real time, usually he will go to a concert and celebrate Christmas with his house mates or other Kenyans, that is usually about the only time, he is around Kenyans. He travels once in a while to see his daughter. He’s divorced. But he dates sporadically.

Compare to me, who has lived alone for only 4 years of my adult life and that was because even getting a live in househelp was a problem where I lived then. I see my folks almost every weekend. If 2 weeks go buy my dad will be like whatsup?

Even when I lived alone I was very active in the church and I made alot of friends. You would be shocked at how friendly people are in smaller towns unlike in cities. Being single demands for you to be very social bcz at the very least, you need people to help you where a husband might have helped you.

I can’t understand that mzungu lifestyle. All I know is that it’s not good for anyone.

Family and good friends are important for a healthy lifestyle. People are social beings who need to laugh, love and play. The loneliness in that ‘me me me’ lifestyle is enough to drive some people nuts. Imagine someone living cooped up in a little basement in a sleazy gang infested neighbourhood for days, with just beer, cigarettes, or maybe blunts, eating bogus foods like pizza, cheese burgers, fries and and soda, just thinking of how to find money to pay bills. The streets and clubs in such places are war zones too, so if you are an introvert you can get quite miserable and antisocial. You can see why there is always a bristling underlying rage in these guys’ relationships. They are under a lot of stress.

A woman who grew up in one of the NYC ghettos explained her experience. It was crazy especially for women and girls. The gangsters urinate in the hallway of the ground floor, they recruit girls for prostitution/ to be their baby momma and boys for drug peddling. There was a guy who used to post those stories on YT but it was so bad that YT shut down his channel completely. It was bad. Bad. Bad. Worse than your worst imagination. I feel very sorry for black Americans. These guys live in hell.

You’re right. This is one reason Africans need to learn to take care of themselves and their way of life. It’s only the ignorant who think that the gangsta life is fun, and something to copy. Even the slang spoken in the ghetto thrives because of limited schooling, and a need to survive there, so you don’t stand out as a stranger. Same as the fashion. It’s nothing to do with any rebellion against the status quo. Our youth think that is an admirable life. If you tell them it’s hell, just poor urban life glamorised by music videos and TV shows, they’ll think you are so 20th C, and ain’t seen shit. I just shake my head when I see boys in Nairobi wearing hoods, sagging jeans, and those unsightly yellow-brown boots, feigning a silly swaying walk, and crossing arms to do a V salute with the index and middle fingers. I don’t know what they call that. But it’s just being “gangsta”, (ugh!)
If you really know how those guys live you appreciate having a place called ushago, having grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts and cousins. You even appreciate the blistering overhead sun when you’ve chilled to the bone in winter. Africa is a wonderful place. If you know, you know.