man sentenced for defilement

A 20-year-old man has been sentenced to 100 years in jail for sexually abusing three girls in a church in the village of Kangaru in central Kenya.
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Harrison Kinyua, 20, admitted trapping the girls in the church last December as they returned chairs borrowed for a funeral, the AFP news agency reported.

At the time two of the girls were aged 13 and the other 10.

After molesting the girls he bought them chips to buy their silence but they still told their parents about the incident

atakuwa 70 akitoka:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: 2066 wah sijui ataona akiwa nyuma aje

Raila will still be vying for presidency.


sioni akiskia ata results za 2017:rolleyes:

Ole wake, huko jela atakamuliwa mcooondu hadi atii

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That is like a death sentence. Going to jail is bad enough…going to jail at 20???Worse than death

So again it had to be THESE PEOPLE aka JUBILEE NERDS:eek::eek::eek:


100+20=70?..okay! sasa nimeamini ntimama alipigia Baba simu.



A life sentence at 20 is different from a life sentence at 70. I really pity that guy although what he did was wrong

Atanyoroshwa rasa hadi 70yrs ama wataendelea na mapua,meffi!!:confused::confused:

Man should engage his brain before any act, think first of the consequences


Hiyo sentence ni worse than death afadhali hata death penalty

Who was the judge? I remember back in the days, nikiwa upper primary, we used to go home for lunch, at 1:00 pm news, one character that never missed in the news was one Judge by the name Omondi Tunya.
This guy’s was no nonsense, especially to armed robbers. He used to give them some insane prison time.

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Ignorance is bliss… @pamba saidia huyu.


This is stupid. The Sexual Offences Act should be changed - it was drafted by sex-starved Njoki Ndungu with men as the enemy.


There was one judge who used to dismiss all robbery with violence cases brought before him arguing that the prosecution ddnt proof beyond reasonable doubt.wacha siku wajamaa walimkuta mtaani with his family, from that day on robbery with violence suspects kamiti as fast as you came

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not surprised he was from the church of shining eyes ministries

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he should also be castrated

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That was harsh and uncalled for. A 20 year old jailed all those years for such a crime, huo ni ujinga. He is just broke tenager high with testerone and teying to learn the game of seducing, requires guidance not a life imprisonment. He was not violent and that shows there is hope for him being rehabilitated